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Crazy: Rats hang with cats, sand made Taj Mahal, lost dog found 3000km from home, & the worlds biggest drinks bill.

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The Crazy News: Quick Quotes!

United Kingdom

“I have been in the nightclub business for 20 years and this is an all-time record.”

A barman discusses the US $210,000 (£105,800) drinks bill racked up by a mystery ‘Middle Eastern businessman’ at a London nightclub on the weekend. About 30 people partied from midnight on drinks like Dom Perignon and Belvedere Vodka.


“I can’t believe I’ll see my little fellow again.”

A dog owner expresses her relief that her lost pet had been found, 3000 (1 900miles) kilometres from home. Rusty disappeared in May from a town just outside of Sydney, and was found roaming the streets of Darwin, in Australia’s tropical north.


“The replica I created is 15 feet high and it took me 56 hours in seven days to complete it.”

Indian sculpture artist Sudarsan Patnaik talks about his sand replica of the Taj Mahal at the Berlin International Sand Sculpture Championships.


“Here the cats play with the rats instead of attacking them.”

Veterinarian Luisa Mendez on how rats are being locked in caged with cats as part of training for a landmine detection program. Colombia is home to the world’s largest number of land mine victims. Last year, there were 1,108 victims.

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US politicians organise family fun day with M-16s and Uzi machine guns.

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The Crazy News: Only in America

So many weird and wacky stories come out of the US every day, but this is the craziest of them so far.

US media reports:

A political fundraiser in the US state of New Hampshire aims to promote gun ownership in America by letting supporters fire powerful military-style weapons — from Uzi submachine guns to M-16 rifles.

The Manchester Republican Committee is inviting party members and their families to a “Machine Gun Shoot” where, for $25, supporters can spend a day trying out automatic weapons, said organizer Jerry Thibodeau.

“It’s a fun day. It’s a family day,” said Thibodeau of the August 5 event. “It’s quite exciting.”

A family fun day of gun shooting madness! Good fun for young and old.

I mean, young children with automatic weapons designed to kill on mass, what harm could it do?

Now excuse me while I go throw up…

And now for some more family entertainment, Playboy models with automatic machine guns.