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Who or What is The Crazy News?



First of all, thanks for stopping by at The Crazy News blog!.


What is The Crazy News Blog?

This blog is a celebration of the wonderful world we live in, and the weird, bizarre, humorous, amazing and crazy people, places and events in it.

Very unusual stuff, indeed.

The Editor  l_5053424d1d30a90004d6687f46ed2da2.jpg

The Crazy News Blog is operated by a young man by the name of Ryano; he is a 21-year-old student living in the fine city of Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia, Australia.

This is the skyline of Perth, the 4th biggest city in Australia. Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world!

Ryano lives in its southern suburbs!

Ryano’s star sign is Capricorn and he enjoys knitting and long walks on the beach. (He doesn’t really enjoy knitting, but long walks on the beach can be fun)

He also enjoys attending various sporting and music events, keeping up with the news, going out on the town, and travelling!

Ryano- the Crazy News Guy- decided to start a running news blog for a number of reasons, including boredom, but the biggest particular reason for starting this blog is my huge interest in news and current evens.

He is also a student of Communications and Journalism, and would like to have a career in these disciplines.

Enjoy The Crazy News blog!

The Crazy News is designed to bring you up to date on the day’s most fascinating, bizarre and humorous news stories.

Ryano would like to encourage everyone to feel free and comment on any crazy story on the blog, no matter how outrageous your thoughts and opinions may be, just let it rip!

And, if you were to be so kind and click some of the nice links to the left, like adding me to your Technorati favourites or even vote for me on Fuel My Blog, Ryano would be forever grateful!

Help get the word out about The Crazy News blog. Hurrah!

Happy blogging!

Contact Ryano-The Crazy News Guy

You can email The Crazy News Guy any time….

 The Crazy News- Very Unusual Stuff.

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