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Yuck! Live rats a culinary delight after plague in China.

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Yummy rat!

A few days back I wrote about the estimated 2 billion rats that have been plaguing a rural are of China after flooding of the giant Dongting Lake (includes Reuters video).

The unbelievable scene of rats pilled on top of each other and havoc local farmers had many crops ruined.

Well, now it turns out, in the true spirit of China’s new found capitalism that some people have been cashing in on the misfortune.

Live rats are being captured by locals, and trucked into the counties south, where fresh rat seems to be a culinary delight for thousands of wealthy restaurant goers.

Yes, with the new found wealth of many Chinese, it is customary to eat “exotic things” as a way of showing off your riches. And the consumption of rat is the latest in an extravagant eating trend, which also sees the consumption of other interesting creatures such as snakes and owls.

News Reports:

“Recently there have been a lot of rats … Guangzhou people are rich and like to eat exotic things, so business is very good,” the China News Service quoted a vendor as saying.

Some vendors had asked people from a village in Hunan province, near Dongting Lake, to sell them live rats, the Beijing News said today.

“The buyers offered 6 yuan (9c) for a kilo, but as to where they will sell the rats, they would not say,” the newspaper quoted a local resident as saying, adding that villagers had to catch the rats live.

“If we want to do that, there is no problem. We could catch 150 kilos of rats in one night .. .but we will not do this against our conscience,” the villager was quoted as saying.

Some Guangdong restaurants were promoting “rat banquets”, charging 136 yuan ($20.70) for one kg of rat meat, the newspaper said.

Chinese media reported last week that some internet users from Guangdong had offered rat recipes as a way to deal with the problem.

Scientists have also blamed China’s massive Three Gorges Dam project and climate change for the Hunan rodents’ flight to dry land.

So, just for a laugh I thought I would organise some info on the sorts of nasty things rats are known to carry.

Eat up!

Video: Up and away! Man goes skyward in lawn chair.

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He’s either crazy or knows how to live life to the fullest.

A 47-year-old man from Oregon, USA, has bravely taken to the skies in his own lawn chair in an act known as Cluster Ballooning– carrying a parachute, snacks and some water as ballast, reports CNN.

Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks — and a parachute. Attached to his lawn chair were 105 large helium balloons.

With instruments to measure his altitude and speed, a global positioning system device in his pocket, and about four plastic bags holding five gallons of water each to act as ballast — he could turn a spigot, release water and rise — Couch headed into the Oregon sky.

Nearly nine hours later, the 47-year-old gas station owner came back to earth in a farmer’s field near Union, short of Idaho but about 193 miles (310 kilometers) from home.

“When you’re a little kid and you’re holding a helium balloon, it has to cross your mind,” Couch told local journalists.

“When you’re laying in the grass on a summer day, and you see the clouds, you wish you could jump on them,” he said. “This is as close as you can come to jumping on them. It’s just like that.”

He took off at 6:06 a.m. Saturday after kissing his wife, Susan, goodbye and petting his Chihuahua, Isabella. As he made about 25 miles an hour, a three-car caravan filled with friends, family and the dog followed him from below.

Couch said he could hear cattle and children and even passed through clouds.

“It was beautiful — beautiful.”

Couch decided to stop when he was down to a gallon of water and just eight pounds of ballast. Concerned about the rugged terrain outside La Grande, including Hells Canyon, he decided it was time to land.

He popped enough balloons to set the craft down, although he suffered rope burns. But after he jumped out, the wind grabbed his chair, with his video recorder, and the remaining balloons and swept them away. He’s hoping to get them back some day.

See more from local TV news KTVZ.COM

Local news story “Balloon Man”.

No laughing matter, humour comprehension decreases with age, study.

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Here’s a joke for you.

Three guys and a lady were sitting at a bar talking about their professions.

The first guy says ” I’m a Y.U.P.P.I.E, you know… Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful, Intelligent, Ecologist.”

The second guy says “I’m a D.I.N.K, you know… Double Income, No Kids.”

The third guy says, ” I’m a R.U.B, you know… Rich, Urban, Biker.”

They turn to the woman and ask her, ” What are you? ”

She replies: ” I’m a WIFE, you know…
Wash, Iron, Fuck, Etc.”


Didn’t get it? Well, yes it was a little sexist and lame but…

A new study suggests that an individual’s comprehension of humour actual decreases the older you get, well duh’. has the details.

The research indicates that because older adults may have greater difficulty with cognitive flexibility, abstract reasoning and short-term memory, they also have greater difficulty with tests of humor comprehension.

Researchers at Washington University tested about 40 healthy adults over age 65 and 40 undergraduate students with exercises in which they had to complete jokes and stories. Participants also had to choose the correct punch line for verbal jokes and select the funny ending to series of cartoon panels.

Test showed that the younger adults did 6 percent better on the verbal jokes and 14 percent better on the comic portion than did older participants.

“There are basic cognitive mechanisms to understanding what’s going on in a joke. Older adults, because they may have deficits in some of those cognitive areas, may have a harder time understanding what a joke is about.”

Scientists figure out why we hate/love Barbra Streisand.

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Love it?


Hate it?

An Australian researcher claims to have discovered why singers like Barbra Streisand and Barry Manilow; make people (like me) feel either angry and irritated, or happy and uplifted, Australian Broadcasting Corp reports.

Dr Emery Schubert says he had a gut instinct aboeut why some people found some songs schmalzy, while others found the tunes uplifting and inspiring.

But he decided to find out for sure by studying people’s reactions to songs.

“We know, psychologically, that one of the things that makes people like music is simply familiarity,” Dr Schubert said.

“So if you know a piece of music well enough you will start to like it.

“You may well attribute it to the features of the music – something about the melody and the harmony and so forth, but we also do note there’s a psychological effect.

“The other issue that [I was] interested in [was] the emotional effect.

“The new research that’s just come out is identifying a new measure, a new feature. Basically it comes down to this – if you can measure the emotion that a piece of music is trying to convey, and if you rate that by the particular listener, you [can] also measure the emotion that the listener is experiencing as a result of listening, and you take the difference of those two you get what’s called the ‘Differential Affect Gap’.

“The bigger that gap is – so, for example, if the piece of music expresses a lot of emotion but you are left unmoved by it, it’s a big Differential Affect Gap.

“What seems to happen is that when that’s big, people don’t like the music as much. When the two measures are connected, if they’re congruent between the expressed emotion and the felt emotion, people tend to like the piece more.”