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Whoops: Hey, Have You Seen Where Those Nuclear Weapons Disappeared to?

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Whoops indeed.

‘Hey, Sir have you seen those nuclear weapons that were lying around here lately?’

According to a report, a United States Air force B-52 transport flight from the far northern US State of North Dakota, to the far southern US State of Louisiana last week, was carrying six nuclear warheads attached to cruise missiles. That was despite everyone involved in the mission, including the flight crew, believing that they were just conventional weapons.

And to make matters worse, the little incident may have violated an international nuclear weapons treaty. Not that that matters much anymore.

Oh, dear.

The plane took the cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base to Barksdale Air Force Base for decommissioning last Thursday, and the nukes flew right across the middle of America for the 6 hour trip, with enough firepower to begin the end of the world.


Officials talking after the story broke in the independent Army Times publication, said the incident was a major breach of security rules surrounding nuclear weapons. One Air Force official said that he could not recall anything similar happening, and that those involved in the mistake had been relieved from duties.

The incident was so serious, even the US President, George Walker, was notified. Not sure there would be much that he could do to fix the problem.

He was however likely only interested in knowing if there was any protein rich foods involved in the incident.


Or weather or not it was okay with Laura to bring some bikini clad “protestors” back home to Washington from the APEC summit Down Under.


To add to the craziness, the US is party to a Cold War-era treaty not to fly nuclear weapons.

“It appears that what happened was this treaty agreement was violated,” an official admitted.

But never fear, the official said.

Saying the situation would likely not have caused a nuclear detonation due to the nuclear weapons not being armed.

“Any time you have nuclear material on board, if the airplane crashes, nuclear material can be spread in the immediate area of the crash, so you get radioactivity in the immediate area of the crash.”

Crazy Tool: “Peter Addison was here,” left written at crime scene.

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The Crazy News has decided to bring back an old segment.

The Crazy News Tool of the Week!

In this case, it’s the crazy news tool of the month, since it’s been at least 30 days since our last tool awarding.

This time, our tool, comes from lovely Cheshire, England.

Along with the apparently fun act of robbery and vandalism, an 18-year-old burglar thought it would be a fantastic idea to write “Peter Addison was here” on a wall.

And yep, our young friend Peter, actually his real name, was soon nabbed by police.

But it does not end there.


Police who arrived to investigate the incident were stunned to find Addison’s calling card plus other messages saying: “Thanks for the Stay,” according the London’s, The Daily Mail.

They checked his details on a computer system and when they caught up with him, he was also found to be wearing a T shirt stolen during the burglary.

Police were also able to aprehend a number of other offenders with Peter at the time.

Gareth Woods from the local Cheshire Police said: “This crime is up there were the dumbest of all in the criminal league table.

“There are some pretty stupid criminals around but to leave your own name at the scene of the crime takes the biscuit. The dafetness of this lad certainly made our job a lot easier.”

It doesn’t just take the biscuit.

It takes The Crazy News Tool of the Week/Month award too!


Enjoy it Peter, enjoy….

Mama Mia! No Pasta for You?

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Consumer advocacy groups in Italy are urging Italians to protest rising food costs with a one day pasta boycott.

Boycott groups are urging all Italians to forgo all forms of pasta on September 13 to demonstrate displeasure over pasta prices soaring 30 percent,  with organisers saying the average Italian family will spend nearly $1,500 more on food this year compared to 2006.

“Giving up pasta for the day will be a symbolic gesture,” said a spokesman for the consumer groups behind the strike. “Italians should not buy any pasta that day, and try their best not to eat it at home.”

Most Italians eat pasta at least once a day, and consume around 54 kilograms over the course of the year.

Emergency stands offering free bread and milk will be set up in all major Italian cities for those in need of carbohydrates.

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said the strike is unnecessary.

“There is no justification for the alarms over price rises,” he said, adding prices “are in some cases going down substantially.”