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Breaking: Karissa and Kristina Shannon Playboy Playmate Twins! First Nude Pics Emerge.

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Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

19-year-old busty blonde twin sisters Kristina and Karissa Shannon are the newest Playboy Playmates. Click here to get the latest pictures, including amazingly steamy nude pics from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion garden.


Poo in curry wife: Like “an episode of Desperate Housewives”.

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When 47 year old Jill Martin suspected her husband was having an affair with another woman, she decided to strike back with the oldest trick in the book. Dog poo curry. 

…after placing the dinner in front of her husband Donald and watching him start to eat it, Martin had burst out laughing.

At first she claimed she had laced the dish with arsenic but then confessed she had added dog excrement instead.

The court heard that the couple had been married for 21 years but in recent years their relationship “had hit an all time low”.

Speaking in her defence, solicitor Terry Gallanagh said that the case was like ‘an episode of Desperate Housewives’.


Following her arrest for the incident, Martin was banned from going anywhere near her husband or their home in Scotland.

The couple have now begun divorce proceedings.

How romantic.

Source: BBC

Teen on go-kart outruns seven police squad cars.

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In the German town of Moenchengladbach, speed runs in the locals veins.

A need for speed that is. Speed as in fast cars, you know, vroom, vroom, etc.

Why? Well not only has this German town produced two successful Formula 1 racing drivers, Nick Heidfeld and Heinz-Harald Frentzen, it’s also been the scene for a dangerous police chase that saw a teenager on a go-cart outrun seven local police squad cars.

“We were chasing him across town, but the squad cars couldn’t keep up because the go-cart was able to take the corners faster and he was able to get away,” police spokesman Willy Thevissen said.

Taking a 5km (3mile) getaway, the gutsy 18-year-old spotted a private garage with an open door, where he decided to lie low.

However, his luck ran out, police soon discovering his hiding place. He was questioned and charged with driving without a license and driving a go-kart on a public street, which is not permitted in Germany.

And now, for some mindless go-kart racing, crashes and biff…

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Crazy Tool: “Peter Addison was here,” left written at crime scene.

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The Crazy News has decided to bring back an old segment.

The Crazy News Tool of the Week!

In this case, it’s the crazy news tool of the month, since it’s been at least 30 days since our last tool awarding.

This time, our tool, comes from lovely Cheshire, England.

Along with the apparently fun act of robbery and vandalism, an 18-year-old burglar thought it would be a fantastic idea to write “Peter Addison was here” on a wall.

And yep, our young friend Peter, actually his real name, was soon nabbed by police.

But it does not end there.


Police who arrived to investigate the incident were stunned to find Addison’s calling card plus other messages saying: “Thanks for the Stay,” according the London’s, The Daily Mail.

They checked his details on a computer system and when they caught up with him, he was also found to be wearing a T shirt stolen during the burglary.

Police were also able to aprehend a number of other offenders with Peter at the time.

Gareth Woods from the local Cheshire Police said: “This crime is up there were the dumbest of all in the criminal league table.

“There are some pretty stupid criminals around but to leave your own name at the scene of the crime takes the biscuit. The dafetness of this lad certainly made our job a lot easier.”

It doesn’t just take the biscuit.

It takes The Crazy News Tool of the Week/Month award too!


Enjoy it Peter, enjoy….