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How Do You Say Tomato?

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 Oh yes, it’s that time….

Time for….

The Crazy News:

Crazy Video of the Week


And interestingly enough, it’s also that time of the year again, when the world’s evening news-casts conclude with the chaotic scenes from Spain’s Tomatina festival. It’s usually puppies with love hearts in their fur, or crazy Aussie outback ‘bushies’ stuck up trees in croc infested swamps. But we just love watching scenes of half naked humans hurling firm and fresh tomatos across old cobbled European streets at each other, making the crazy world we live in not seem so crazy after all.

Or does it?

Regardless, heres some interesting facts….40,000 people gathered in the town of Bunol this week to hurl 115,000 kilograms of tomatoes at each other, all in the name of fun.

The festival dates back to 1945, when two people at a carnival in Bunol, just outside Valencia, reportedly began hurling tomatoes at each other in a heated argument, as you do.

The festival, which has officially been part of Spain’s national heritage since 2002, takes place on the final Wednesday in August, just thought I would let you know so you know when to book your tickets for next year.

Five massive truckloads of tomatoes were driven into the town’s main square at 11am, an hour earlier than usual in fact, to let the fun begin. Usually participants thoughtfully squeeze the fruit beforehand to soften it up. Like hell they do….

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World Exclusive: Controversial UK Boob Job Winner Talks to The Crazy News Blog.

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 The Crazy News Blog:


 huge_tits1.jpg  Not Nadine’s Boobs, yet anyway.

On August 15, The Crazy News Blog reported the controversy surrounding the awarding of a boob job to a young English woman via an FM radio contest.

The contest stirred up an angry response from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and made news in papers around the world.

“Many congratulations to Nadine Pude from Wirral, the proud and presumably very excited winner of a competition organised by Liverpool’s 107.6 Juice FM to give one of its listener’s plastic surgery. Despite the disapproval of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons”, read the Guardian Newspaper.

“BAAPS criticised Liverpool’s Juice FM for giving the winner, Nadine Pude, 27, the chance to increase her A-cup bosom to a double D.”, said The Australian Newspaper.

“The decision to perform any surgical procedure must be based on common sense, case selection, good surgical decision making and patient safety,” a BAAPS representative was quoted as saying.

As you read, it was won by 27-year-old Nadine Pude, and a few days after The Crazy News wrote the post, a woman by the name of Nadine claimed right here in the comments that it was she whom had won the prize. A quick search of her name at Google will result in a number of hits from this very web site.

Nadine said she was not happy that the Crazy News had characterised her as “ditzy”, but she kindly put that aside, and said that she would try and organise to “have a pic of before and will have one of after”.

And today (August 30), she says she is going under the knife, and even asked for our best wishes, mnaaa.

Good luck Nadine!

Well, if all goes well, and Nadine is the Nadine from Wirral that she claims she is, and not some hairy fat guy from say Alberta, Canada, the C/News will have some before and after photos. And Nadine will tell us how happy her fiancé, Paul is after the surgery.

Who knows, The Crazy News Guy and all his readers might even get an invite to the wedding….

You never know…

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Crazy: You’re Fired!, Another Youtube Fool, How Much in the Brief Case? & Not Just Wild Plants.

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Around the World, around the World…..

Around the World, around the World….

That slappin’ beat can only mean one thing……


It’s time again to go (insert lyric here) for….

The Crazy News: Crazy Quotes.


“Young men in particular seem to think they are invincible behind the wheel — but the facts tell a different story.”

Scottish police arrest a teenager after he posted a video of himself speeding at around 140 mph on youtube. I would try and find the video for you, but hey, I’m not getting paid to do this.


“I think they’ll be annoyed when they find out.”

Me too. A spokesman for Duesseldorf police details how a thief stole a 57-year-old Iranian businessman’s brief case containing 10,000 euros ($13,660) in cash, but failed to notice the mega bucks inside, throwing it away. Two words. You and idiot.


“Fired at the ceiling in rage”

That’s what a French factory manager in the Pearl River Delta did when he called a staff meeting, pulling out a pistol and shooting at the ceiling all crazy like. This was not the first time Pierre had drawn his pistol and fired. God know what will happen when he really fired someone. Maybe The Trump could use this method in his next TV role.


“We were counting them on the sonogram.”

A new mother from New York says she was expecting to give birth to a healthy 12 fingered baby boy but instead got a healthy 12 fingered and 12 toed baby boy.


“Apparently, somebody knew how to tell marijuana from other plants.”

Apparently in Japan, marijuana just grows. Abashiri Prison has seen as many as 300 marijuana plants sprout up on its exercise grounds in the past year. Prison officials believe the plants are wild; others are not so wild on the idea. You decide.


“If there are attacks against people, they have to be stopped.”

Florence, the great Renaissance city of art and history, is taking a hard line on ‘squeegee men’. With the local mayor issuing a decree to force the squeegee men- people who wash drivers’ windshields and demand payment – off the streets, imposing fines and detention of up to three months. But who will ever harass me at the lights now?

And that’s another action packed edition of The Crazy News and its famous Quick Quotes.

Around the World, around the…..

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That Sinking Feeling: How Forgetting the Keys Sunk the Titanic.

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The key to success is not forgetting them.

Down she goes!

Lost your keys?

Yes, we’ve all done it (“Have you checked your pockets?”). With the consequences usually being late for work, or whatever people miss out on when they are in a hurry and lose their keys.

But 95 years ago lost keys meant the lives of 1500 people.

David Blair was the original real life second officer of that ship that sunk in that movie we all went to see in 1997, called the Titanic. Lucky for David Blair, no known relation to the former Prime Minister, he was transferred off the fateful Titanic maiden voyage at the last minute.

When he left, he forgot to leave his key behind. Without it, his shipmates were unable to open the crow’s nest binoculars locker. And without access to those binoculars, you guessed it, the crew were unable to look very far ahead and spot the ice berg that eventually led to the ship’s fate. We know this because Fred Fleet, a surviving crew member told the official Titanic inquiry.

Even more luckily, I guess in some ironic way, was that our forgetful mate kept the tiny brass key as a memento, passing it down the family. On September 22 this year it will be auctioned in England, along with a postcard telling of his disappointment at not being on the maiden voyage.

“We think this key is one of the most important artefacts from the Titanic to have come to light,” auctioneer Alan Aldridge said. “It is the key that had the potential to save the Titanic.”

The key and postcard are expected to fetch up to £70,000 (US$140,000)

Not the actual crows nest locker key.

Amazing Special Effects re-creation of the sinking!

Click here to find out more about the Crew of The Titanic.

 Click here to find out more about the US Senate Titanic Inquiry and the related transcript including Fred Fleet’s testimony.
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