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Hundreds Go Nude for Global Warming, Surfers Lap Up the Melting with Glacier Surfing.

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 Scroll down for Glacier Surfing, dude!


Back in June it was all going off in Amsterdam, and this weekend it was a naked rendezvous with a glacier in Switzerland for famous photographer Spencer Tunick.

Otherwise known as ‘The Naked Photographer’. (He’s not really known as that, but I’m coining the term regardless, such is the power of The Crazy News)

About 600 volunteer nudes braved the Aletsch glacier in the Valais region in southern Switzerland in a photo shoot aimed at drawing attention to the effects of global warming on the world’s glaciers.

Tunick said his photographs were both works of art and political statements.

“I will try to treat the body on two levels. On an abstract level, as if they were flowers or stones.

“I want my images to go more than skin-deep. I want the viewers to feel the vulnerability of their existence and how it relates closely to the sensitivity of the world’s glaciers,” New York native Tunick told media.


Glacier Surfing!

But not everyone is unhappy with the melting of the world’s glaciers.

Totally gnarly thrill seekers are taking advantage of the massive waves created by chunks of glacier falling into the ocean.

Surfers Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala posted this epic video on youtube after waiting for several hours at the Child’s Glacier, in south-central Alaska, for a slice of the glacier to give way, with totally awesome consequences.

They even have their own web site, and they say the phenomenon was first discovered by a photographer in 1995 when filming for IMAX movie

Surfs Up!

Global Warming is totally awesome, man!

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You can’t run, but you can hide (up high), from Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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il01a3_b.jpg Doggy-Dog Dog…

Legendary, some would say a little crazy, celebrity bounty hunter Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman, is out with a new book on his eventful life. After accusations that he’s a womanizing racist and a hypocritical, “crack head,” the Dog says he wants to set the record strait.

Dog has a well defined macho, cavalier, rough and tumble, tough guy image. Yet, he also paints himself as a good family man, and says he is a ‘devout Christian, who sees his job as a way to help people find the right path’. He will stop at nothing to chase down the ‘bad guys’, and get ’em off the streets.

But other’s, including some members of his extended family, say his not the guy he makes out to be.

“Everyone is jumping on the ‘hate Dog’ bandwagon. They’re all lying. I’ve made a lot of enemies in my life, and I’m sorry I’ve done that. I guess if one person comes after you, they all come after you,” he angrily told the National Ledger.

The former convict also has a weak spot, and if he ever happens to be on your tale, you might want to find somewhere high up for safety.

image7acc2635-8d98-42b2-b26a-1fccb3a4e2f3.jpg Dog and boob’s, AKA his wife Beth.

Dog has a hardcore fear of heights.

When doing interviews for his book in New York City this week, he refused to head out to the roof of a 61-story building for a photo shoot.

So there it is, if ever being perused by bad ass Dog the Bounty Hunter, seek higher ground. Too easy.

In his biography, Chapman talks about his troubled childhood, joining a motorcycle gang, “run-ins” with the law, his five wives (juts like Mit Romney’s relatives), 12 children, and his devotion to God.

Once, after hunting crims in Mexico, he himself was arrested, as bounty hunting there is illegal (as it probably should be in all sane places).

He had gone there to capture Andrew Luster, a heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune who was wanted for rape in the US, not realizing what he was doing was an illegal act. Or did he?

doginjail.jpg Tough guy behind bars.

He was taken into custody in September 2006 by US authorities, but luckily for him, the charges were dropped.

“I’m going to keep bounty hunting in the U.S., but not in Mexico,” he tells media.

He also said that a book on his life would help clear up misconceptions about his personality.

“I come across sometimes as not the average bloke so this will help people understand me.”

Bloke? Is not that word of the Aussie variety… Trying to sound fair dinkum, ey. (Note: Don’t say the phrase fair dinkum on any US domestic flights, you may be arrested and questioned, for meaning on that word, click here).

The Dog the Bounty Hunter reality TV series is shown in more than 100 counties.

Click to see an excerpt from the book.

Watch an outtake from another wacky episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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31-year-old woman refuses to give up the teen love she met playing World of Warcraft.

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As The Crazy News reported a few months back….

They fell for each other playing online role-playing game World of Warcraft, but society was not ready for their woman on teen love, now the 31-year-old Aussie once caught trying to ‘abduct’ her young lover, says her desire for a 17-year-old boy from North Carolina is undying.

Tamara Broome (pictured below) was arrested for child abduction when she arrived in the United States to wisk the boy, who wanted to escape pressure to join the military, back to Australia. She has spoken publicly for the first time about her ordeal. 

Freed, after a plea bargain with US Federal authorities , she says that she would “be crazy” to let her teen lover go and that their online relationship “was so much more than just infatuation.”

The University student and part time supermarket worker from Adelaide, South Australia, spoke to Australia’s Nine Television Network, Australian news media reported:

The pair tried many times to break off the internet relationship, Broome said, but their bond was too strong.

“It was so much more than just infatuation,” she said.

“I do love him dearly.”

During their online affair the pair discussed the possibility of a sexual relationship, as well as the prospect of marriage.

“We did talk about all the legal ramifications of him coming over here and what I’d heard, what was legal here and what was legal there etcetera etcetera, so yeah, it was brought up.”

Broome was freed after she agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

She is forbidden from contacting the victim in any way until he turns 18 on June 9, 2008.

“I’m going to miss him dreadfully over the next couple of months,” Broome said.

She also indicated the pair may seek to restore the relationship once they are allowed.

“I think I’d be crazy to let him go,” she said.

Tamara Broome

Down Under weirdo…

Meanwhile, all you World of Warcraft fans should be getting excited. The World of Warcraft movie is set to hit cinemas in the near future, and is rumored to have a Water World style budget of around US $100 million.

The film would be released sometime in 2009 and is targeted for a PG-13 rating. The film will be set approximately a year before the start of World of Warcraft, and interweaves the story of various races, lands and a new hero into a two and a half hour feature told from the Alliance perspective, says The Hollywood News.


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Hollywood actress wants to sacrifice herself to stop war.

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Angelina Jolie inspired stunt or legitimate offer?

Either way, it almost sounds like a cynical joke strait out of the film Team America

According to reports 72-year-old Hollywood actress and mother of 15, Mia Farrow, says she is willing to sacrifice herself for the release of a man in the war torn African nation of Sudan.

In an emotional letter to the Sudanese President, the Golden Globe award winning actress offered to give up her freedom in exchange for the release of a major player in the peace negotiation process in the Darfur region conflict.

In the letter she pleaded for the opportunity…”to exchange my freedom for his in the knowledge of his importance to the civilians of Darfur and in the conviction that he will apply his energies toward creating the just and lasting peace that the Sudanese people deserve and hope for.”

“Before his seizure, Mr. Jamous played a crucial role in bringing the SLA to the negotiating table and in seeking reconciliation between its divided rival factions.”

Farrow is a UN children’s agency ambassador, UNICEF and has visited Darfur twice.

She has starred in musicals, TV shows and movies like The Omen, Third Watch, See No Evil and Romantic Comedy, and was even once married to Frank Sinatra.

Click for Mia Farrow Darfur blog

Here’s Farrow on Darfur…

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