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Dog Shoots Man, Seriously.

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 Speaking of men and dogs….


They say when a dog bits a man it’s not likely to make the news, but when a man bites a dog, it makes headlines.

When a man shoots a dog, it’s very sad news.

But when a dog shoots a man, well, you can’t help but laugh (as long as everyone lives to tell the tale that is)

For 37 year old James Harris from Iowa in the US, the first day of pheasant season was one not to remember.

After his party shot a bird north of Grinnell on Friday, 37-year-old Harris put his gun down and crossed a fence to retrieve it. That’s when things went to the hunting dogs, who stepped on the weapon and bang!

Harris was hit in the lower left leg. He was treated at a nearby medical centre and then airlifted to Iowa City.

Authorities are investigating. No word on whether the dogs have been interrogated.

If it’s good enough for Dick, its good enough for Dog.


Source: USA Today.

Video: So, what is Pheasant Shooting?

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Whoops: Hey, Have You Seen Where Those Nuclear Weapons Disappeared to?

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Whoops indeed.

‘Hey, Sir have you seen those nuclear weapons that were lying around here lately?’

According to a report, a United States Air force B-52 transport flight from the far northern US State of North Dakota, to the far southern US State of Louisiana last week, was carrying six nuclear warheads attached to cruise missiles. That was despite everyone involved in the mission, including the flight crew, believing that they were just conventional weapons.

And to make matters worse, the little incident may have violated an international nuclear weapons treaty. Not that that matters much anymore.

Oh, dear.

The plane took the cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base to Barksdale Air Force Base for decommissioning last Thursday, and the nukes flew right across the middle of America for the 6 hour trip, with enough firepower to begin the end of the world.


Officials talking after the story broke in the independent Army Times publication, said the incident was a major breach of security rules surrounding nuclear weapons. One Air Force official said that he could not recall anything similar happening, and that those involved in the mistake had been relieved from duties.

The incident was so serious, even the US President, George Walker, was notified. Not sure there would be much that he could do to fix the problem.

He was however likely only interested in knowing if there was any protein rich foods involved in the incident.


Or weather or not it was okay with Laura to bring some bikini clad “protestors” back home to Washington from the APEC summit Down Under.


To add to the craziness, the US is party to a Cold War-era treaty not to fly nuclear weapons.

“It appears that what happened was this treaty agreement was violated,” an official admitted.

But never fear, the official said.

Saying the situation would likely not have caused a nuclear detonation due to the nuclear weapons not being armed.

“Any time you have nuclear material on board, if the airplane crashes, nuclear material can be spread in the immediate area of the crash, so you get radioactivity in the immediate area of the crash.”

“Crazy”: Karaoke singer assulted for singing Coldplay!

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Oh what a thing to have done!

Coldplay, one of the most successful commercial bands in history, you either love them or you hate them…

Or do you? Well, most people probably don’t have an opinion.

But one woman from Washington,USA, obviously has an extreme hatred of the band; either that or she was experiencing the worst karaoke singing in history. Probably both.

Male Karaoke Singer: “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…”

Crazy woman in crowd: “Oh, no, not that song. I can’t stand that song!”

Karaoke man continues: “and everything that you do…yeah, they were all yel-…”

Crazy Woman in crowd: “You suck! ”

…Crazy woman gets up on stage, pushes man singing coldplay….

Karaoke Man continues singing:   “-ow…I came along.. I wrote a son-”


Crazy woman: Takes a round house swing at karaoke man, lands one in the face.

Oh boy…. Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him. Where’s Steve? (Got his own show, that’s what)

“It took three or four of us to hold her down,” a bartender from the Seattle Karaoke bar ‘Changes’, told local media.

“A little hippie girl,” the bartender referred to the woman as.

And when staff escorted the 21-year-old woman outside, things just got worse.

She “went crazy”. Throwing punches left, right and centre at anyone, including an off duty police officer.

When police finally arrived, she went even more crazy, head butting the off duty police officer.

Wow! What a night!

And according to the bartender’s statement to police, she had only bought a single shot of Jagermeister before her crazy rant.

Sounds like someone needs to lay off the Jager, and stay away from karaoke bars, with shit singers in them, which would be every karaoke bar in the known universe….

The Crazy News would like to dedicate this next ballad to our friend, the Crazy “little hippy girl”, from Seattle…. Look how they shine for you….

The Changes Bar website here! only $8.75 for a prime rib dinner on Friday’s, pretty good…

Extremely irrelevant, yet extremely sexy, picture of Gwyneth Paltrow…Cos you were all yellow..

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Crazy Quotes For A Crazy World!

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We scour the planet for crazy news…

And go around it! with….

The Crazy News: Quick Quotes.


“We saw something bobbing about in the sea and we decided to take it out of the water.”

Workers from a drinks stall in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort tell a tall tale about a giant Lego man that washed up on the beach.

You can even buy one of these ridiculously oversized Lego men on eBay right now! Bidding at 80 bucks US.


“In the countryside we’re used to people going at police with muck spreaders, but this was something else.”

A police spokesman discusses how a crazed farmer used his tractor and a muck spreader to ram and spray squad cars, and eluding capture for seven hours by hiding in the nearby woods, he was finally arrested by an elite police unit.


“Sindhudurg has the lowest decadal population growth rate of 4. Our aim is to reduce the decadal population growth rate by at least by 10 by 2010.”

Authoriies in the Indian State of Maharashtra are taking desperate measure to curb massive populating growth, offering a 5000-rupee “honeymoon package” to any couple who delays the birth of their first child by two years, and a 7500-rupee package if they can hold off for three years.


“The noise just went on and on. Not for weeks but for months.”

Neighbours of Diane Duffin from Leeds, England, complain about the inccessant and very loud playing of country and western hits like 9 to 5 and Stand By Your Man at all hours of the day and night. Oh the humanity!


“I know what I did was wrong.”

A Catholic priest from a small town in Colorado confesses to police about the naked late night jogging he had been doing. He had been running nude at a high school track and didn’t think anyone would be around at that time of day, but was apprehended by an off duty officer with no sense of humour.


“It was the way he moved, the shape of the hair he was using, all of this prompted suspicions.”

A regional police chief talks about the arrest of a man dressed as a woman, who was posing as the wife of another man in an attempt to allude the authorites. He was wanted for murder and “planning terrorist acts against the security forces.” ¡Ahora, eso está loco!

And that was yet another crazy edition of, The Crazy News: Quick Quotes…..

I need a breather after that!

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