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Pauline Hanson Nude Pictures

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Australian politician Pauline Hanson is in a nude picture scandal after naked pictures she posed from in the 1970’s emerged just days before an election.

Some have suggested that it is a political stunt by a desperate former national politician.

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You can’t run, but you can hide (up high), from Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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il01a3_b.jpg Doggy-Dog Dog…

Legendary, some would say a little crazy, celebrity bounty hunter Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman, is out with a new book on his eventful life. After accusations that he’s a womanizing racist and a hypocritical, “crack head,” the Dog says he wants to set the record strait.

Dog has a well defined macho, cavalier, rough and tumble, tough guy image. Yet, he also paints himself as a good family man, and says he is a ‘devout Christian, who sees his job as a way to help people find the right path’. He will stop at nothing to chase down the ‘bad guys’, and get ’em off the streets.

But other’s, including some members of his extended family, say his not the guy he makes out to be.

“Everyone is jumping on the ‘hate Dog’ bandwagon. They’re all lying. I’ve made a lot of enemies in my life, and I’m sorry I’ve done that. I guess if one person comes after you, they all come after you,” he angrily told the National Ledger.

The former convict also has a weak spot, and if he ever happens to be on your tale, you might want to find somewhere high up for safety.

image7acc2635-8d98-42b2-b26a-1fccb3a4e2f3.jpg Dog and boob’s, AKA his wife Beth.

Dog has a hardcore fear of heights.

When doing interviews for his book in New York City this week, he refused to head out to the roof of a 61-story building for a photo shoot.

So there it is, if ever being perused by bad ass Dog the Bounty Hunter, seek higher ground. Too easy.

In his biography, Chapman talks about his troubled childhood, joining a motorcycle gang, “run-ins” with the law, his five wives (juts like Mit Romney’s relatives), 12 children, and his devotion to God.

Once, after hunting crims in Mexico, he himself was arrested, as bounty hunting there is illegal (as it probably should be in all sane places).

He had gone there to capture Andrew Luster, a heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune who was wanted for rape in the US, not realizing what he was doing was an illegal act. Or did he?

doginjail.jpg Tough guy behind bars.

He was taken into custody in September 2006 by US authorities, but luckily for him, the charges were dropped.

“I’m going to keep bounty hunting in the U.S., but not in Mexico,” he tells media.

He also said that a book on his life would help clear up misconceptions about his personality.

“I come across sometimes as not the average bloke so this will help people understand me.”

Bloke? Is not that word of the Aussie variety… Trying to sound fair dinkum, ey. (Note: Don’t say the phrase fair dinkum on any US domestic flights, you may be arrested and questioned, for meaning on that word, click here).

The Dog the Bounty Hunter reality TV series is shown in more than 100 counties.

Click to see an excerpt from the book.

Watch an outtake from another wacky episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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Life sucks being the real Harry Potter, as school teacher ruins the party!

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    “Harry who?”

In the classic 1999 movie Office Space there is a character named Michael Bolton, a situation with hilarious consequences.

But in real life it sure would suck sharing the same name with someone well known.

Particularly if that someone is a fictional character, a character so popular that you couldn’t escape being asked the same question by almost everyone you met.

It might even be so bad that you might want to consider changing your name, if it wasn’t for the fact that you had your name first, years before a certain wealthy British author was even conceived!

In this case it’s a man sharing the same name as boy wizard Harry Potter.

News Reports:

Each time a new Harry Potter book or movie comes out, Florida resident Harry Potter gets phone calls from children, interview requests from TV networks and autograph requests.

“The kids want to know if I’m Harry Potter,” he said with a chuckle. “I tell them I’ve been Harry Potter for darn near 80 years!”

The real Harry Potter said he has not had time to read any of the J.K. Rowling books or see the hit movies. But the retired U.S. Defense Department employee gets his fun out of Pottermania.

“When Harry talks to the kids, they’ll ask about the owl and he’ll say, ‘Oh, he came by and brought the mail,'” said his wife, Jan. “Then, when they’re done, the mothers come on and say thank you for talking to the kids. He gets a big kick out of it.”

But meeting a real Harry Potter can be a little puzzling for the kids.

“They look at you, give you the once-over,” he said, laughing. “They can’t relate the one in the book to the one they see here. I guess I could buy me a pair of Harry Potter glasses.”

I wonder what he thinks of the petition to save Harry Potter?

Meanwhile, in Harry Potter related crazy news…

The Daily Mail reports:

A headmistress at a school in England is in big trouble with the pupils.

At a end of school semester assembly 400 children aged under 12 were shocked as Carolyn Banfield took the latest Harry Book, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, and read from the last page.

Parents and kids alike are now outraged, as many had intended to read what is expected to be the last in the series of books to have swept the world.

 Louie Swift, nine, said: “I don’t know why she read it. She’s not usually a spoilsport. She didn’t even mention she had the book.

“She just picked it up and started reading it to us.”

Jordan Ashton, ten, complained: “It has spoiled the book for me.”

The parent of an 8-year-old was fuming when she talked to the tabloid.

 “He’s read the last three books but there’s no point reading this one now.”

Another mother, who declined to be named, said: “It’s appalling. My son was going to read a book instead of playing on his computer and I was going to have some peace and quiet. “

Those poor kids, they’ll be scared for life!

Oh, the humanity.

No word as to the motivation of reading the final page to the kiddies, but I suspect she had one of two reasons.

1- She wanted to be seen as ‘cool’ by all the kids, which has clearly backfired, in spectacular fashion.


2- She wanted all those kids to have a miserable holiday break, forcing them to go outside and get exercise in the dreaded outdoors.

 What an evil woman…..

Sounds like something out of a Harry Potter novel!

Maybe the kids could occupy themselves with the craziness of the Potter Puppet Pals !

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Teletubbies and Bob the Builder kidnapped!

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Oh oooooh!

Can we fix it?

The Teletubbies and Bob the Builder have been kidnapped!

They were among a number of figures stolen from Irelands National Wax Museum in Dublin recently.

The kidnapping of the wax figures appears to have occurred after or during a rave concert at a nearby warehouse.

Other figures stolen include film villains like Hannibal Lector and Dictators Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin.

They were being stored in the warehouse while a new wax museum home is being sort.

More from the BBC.

The Teletubbies were last spotted enjoying their new found freedom on a crazy! Japanese TV show….

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