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More muscle = More sex from women, study.

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When is comes to a woman’s preference for a male partner, most studies have concluded that desirability was influenced by commitment and offcourse earnings potential, but a new study says physical characteristics matter more.

“Women are predisposed to prefer muscularity in men,” said study author David Frederick of UCLA.

The study was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and suggests muscles in men are akin to elaborate tail feathers in male peacocks: They attract females looking for a virile mate.

Women were more physically attracted to brawny men, especially for a fling. But when it comes to finding a long-term partner, they tend to pick a regular man over a mate with huge biceps.

“On the one hand, it makes them more sexy to women. On the other hand, it makes women more suspicious about their romantic intentions,” Frederick said.

So, want more one night stands men? Then get into that gym and those protein bars.

Or, if you’re looking for a more long term thing, then the gym can wait, too much muscle and those jealous women might think you’re going to betray them.

Earn money from dead flies, the Chinese know how to do it.

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You really have to admire the crazy lengths the Chinese will go to tackle a problem.

Media reports that a Chinese city is paying people to hand in dead flies in a bid  “to push residents to do more for their living environment”.

Xigong, a district of Luoyang in the central province of Henan, paid out more than 1,000 yuan (US$125) for about 2,000 dead flies on July 1, the day it launched the scheme with the aim of encouraging cleanliness in residential areas.

The payment scheme is the first of its kind in Luoyang, a city of 1.55 million people which is striving to earn the title of “state-level hygienic city”.3

China has a history of using unorthodox means to eradicate pests. When Mao Zedong launched the “Four Pests” campaign during the Great Leap Forward in the 1950s, citizens were ordered to kill flies, mosquitoes, rats and sparrows.

Pest control efforts included banging pots and pans to scare sparrows into flight and have them eventually drop to earth dead from exhaustion.

Meanwhile a Chinese business entrepenour and kung-fu master, Hu Shulin, has turned a life-long battle against flies and the diseases they carry into a multi-million dollar business.

Fly Man     Kung foo master Shulin (AKA Flyman)

After spending years honing his fly hand catching skills with his lightning fast reflexes, Master Shulin has invented a machine that efficently attracts flies and then deposits them into a clear plastic tank.

It’s like a nightclub for flies,” said Mr Hu. “They just party themselves to death.”

Mr Hu’s factory makes 100,000 ‘Highly Effective Fly Slaying Machines’ a year, that are exported to South Korea.

Mr Hu keeps his victims corpses — all 30 million of them— in a large bag in his office.

The cutest puppy in the world?

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oda002_japan_0710_0_345745c.jpg 0556157600.jpg

Could this be the cutest puppy known to mankind?

A chihuahua has been born in Japan with a large love-heart shaped pattern on it’s fur coat.

The chihuahua was born in May as one of a litter to a breeder.

Owner Emiko Sakurada said it was the first time a puppy with the marks had been born out of a thousand she had bred.

She had no plans to sell the puppy, which has been named “Heart-kun”.

Porn star sued, uses school freinds’ name as alias in hardcore movies.

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A Crazy News classic.

It’s been revealed a woman from Texas, USA, is taking legal action against a former high school classmate for using her name as an alias in the porn industry.

25-year-old porn actress Lara Madden has appeared in at least 15 X-rated sex movies since 2004 using the stage name “Syvette Wimberly”, the name of her former friend from the ninth grade in the city of Houston

Wimberly does not believe it’s a coincidence that her old classmate is now using her name. “I imagine she knew the name and maybe thought it sounded catchy and was unique,” Wimberly said.

Lara Madden and an adult film studio are being sued for invasion of privacy and emotional distress.

“Really on a weekly, if not daily basis, my client has had to deal with odd phone calls, former classmates that didn’t know her that well sending her e-mails about whether she’s now in the adult film industry and just a general lack of safety for her,” her attorney told local media.

Lara Madden appears in videos produced and distributed by Vivid Entertainment, a high quality video producer famous for videos including stars Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks and Tera Partick.

The real Syvette Wimberly is asking for monetary damages and an injunction to stop Madden from using her name.

10p.jpg  Lara Madden or Syvette Wimberly?