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Video: War zone in Sydney as man goes on rampage with tank!

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A man went on a crazy rampage though suburbs of Australia’s largest city, Sydney, in the early hours of the morning local time, taking out infastructure and sending police on a wild chase.

John Robert Patterson, 45, allegedly led officers on a 90-minute chase through six suburbs in Sydney’s west as he crashed the privately-owned APC through fences, mobile phone towers, telecommunication relay sheds and an electrical substation.

The man from Dharruk, in Sydney’s west, was arrested after the APC stalled on its way to damaging a seventh property, police said.

He was refused bail in court.

Defence lawyer Ivan Bertoia told the court that Patterson claimed “that certainly he had authority to behave in such a manner”.

In refusing bail, the magistrate recommended that Patterson, who had facial lacerations and a swollen left eye, receive medical and psychiatric attention.

The hearing was adjourned to local court on July 16.

Mobile phone services where the chase occurred were disrupted while technicians waited to gain entry to the crime scenes, police said.

Police on patrol had noticed the APC allegedly being used to destroy an electricity substation and followed the carrier through the suburbs of Mt Druitt, Dharruk, Emerton, Glendenning and Plumpton.

The pursuit ended in Dean Park when the vehicle stalled as it was being driven towards another mobile phone tower, police said.

Police arrested Patterson and charged him with numerous offences including malicious damage, break, enter and steal, predatory driving, possession of a prohibited drug, use of a weapon to avoid apprehension and driving in a dangerous manner.

Video from Seven News, Sydney, Australia. 

What the? English farm offers to marry you’re pets!

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A farm in England is offering to marry your pets.

The BBC reports

The ceremonies, which include a cake and a minister, cost from £100, about US$100.

It is thought to be one of the first services of its kind in the country.

The farm’s owners said they had already booked in seven animal weddings at the venue.

Sarie Goldstraw, who runs the farm, said: “One of the things that I’ve found is that if people are getting married and they both have a dog then if they are all going to have to live together, which includes the dogs.

“We therefore have a service to celebrate those people’s unions and that of the pets also in the home.”

Perhaps these two dogs, making headlines recently, would like to get married?

Wendy the Whippet, the most muscly dog in Canada…



Reluctant media star

Sampson the “biggest dog” in Britain?


I wonder what their babies would look like ?

Better yet, I wonder if Tori Spelling (“90210”) will be carrying out the ceremonies?

That’s right, she’s an ordained minister now, apparently…

US media reports: 

The actress says she completed the program online and already performed her first wedding ceremony at the bed and breakfast she owns with her husband.

After the ceremony she said it was the scariest thing she’s ever done.

Maybe I should change the blog name to The Scary News!

Bizarre: Gunman demands dinner guest’s money, leaves with good wine, cheese and a lot of love.

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The Crazy News blog- Random Event of the Week.

So, here’s the scene.

A group of friends and family in Washington D.C, USA, are just finishing a meal consisting of marinated steaks and prawns (shrimp), as we call them Down Under.

The group are now sitting on a back patio discussing life and the universe and such, sipping on fine red wine, making the most of a warm summer’s eve.

Suddenly, out of the darkness, a hooded man bursts in through an open gate and puts the barrel of a handgun to the head of a 14-year-old guest.

What happens next is weird at best…..

Masked Gunman: “Give me your money, or I’ll start shooting”

Dinner Guest: Well “we were just finishing dinner, why don’t you have a glass of wine with us?”

(Now, unmasked gunman takes sip of wine)

Masked Gunman: “Damn, that’s good wine.”

(Masked Gunman looks around at the faces of the group, then takes a bite of Camembert cheese, and another sip of wine)

Masked Gunman continues: “I’m sorry… I think I may have come to the wrong house, can I get a hug?”

One dinner guest, a children’s school worker takes the initiative, giving the now relaxed gunman a nice big warm hug.

Four other guests take their turns at a hug.

Masked Gunman: “That’s really good wine,” taking another sip. “Can we have a group hug?”

The man then walked out, with the crystal wine glass in hand offcourse, filled with Chateau Malescot.

He is yet to be caught.

Read more from The Seattle Times via Washington Post.

It really is nice to know that deep down in side, most criminals just want to be loved.

So next time your dinner party is interrupted by a masked gunman looking for quick cash, offer him some wine and a good hug and maybe everything will turn out all right…. after all, all you need is love

“She never complained”: Pizza waitress tipped $10 000.

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Only in America indeed.

Looks like someone hit the jackpot!

A regular Pizza Hut customer named Becky, and her family, decided to use inheritance dollars to tip a 20-year-old waitress in the United States a ridiculous amount of money because, “She was sweet and bright and cheerful and never complained”.

“It’s unbelievable. It doesn’t happen to people every day,” she said. “I mean, I work at Pizza Hut!” has more.