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It’s a fake!: ‘Van Gogh’ Painting connected to Rupert Murdoch proven near worthless.

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gogh_wideweb__470x2912.jpg  How embarrasing!

Like something out of a classic Hollywood thriller…

A self portait painting supposedly created in 1886 by legendary artist Vincent van Gogh, purported to be worth Australian $25 million (US $21.5 million), has been proven to be a fake.

The painting called ‘Head of a man’ was bought to Australia by the father of media billionare Rupert Murdoch, Sir Keith Murdoch, and has been with the National Gallery of Victoria collection since just before World War 2.

But when the painting went on a tour to Europe, experts in Amsterdam tested the painting regarded as “offbeat” and an “oddity”, by Van Gogh specialists.

Last year The Sunday Times in London published claims by Van Gogh specialists that the work had been incorrectly attributed.

And today, it was announced that those claims have proven accurate.

The gallery said there would be a “downwards adjustment” in the painting’s value when the Victorian state gallery revalues its collection next year.

Downward adjustment indeed!

Not so stary, stary anymore…..

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Crazy: Rats hang with cats, sand made Taj Mahal, lost dog found 3000km from home, & the worlds biggest drinks bill.

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Around the World with…

The Crazy News: Quick Quotes!

United Kingdom

“I have been in the nightclub business for 20 years and this is an all-time record.”

A barman discusses the US $210,000 (£105,800) drinks bill racked up by a mystery ‘Middle Eastern businessman’ at a London nightclub on the weekend. About 30 people partied from midnight on drinks like Dom Perignon and Belvedere Vodka.


“I can’t believe I’ll see my little fellow again.”

A dog owner expresses her relief that her lost pet had been found, 3000 (1 900miles) kilometres from home. Rusty disappeared in May from a town just outside of Sydney, and was found roaming the streets of Darwin, in Australia’s tropical north.


“The replica I created is 15 feet high and it took me 56 hours in seven days to complete it.”

Indian sculpture artist Sudarsan Patnaik talks about his sand replica of the Taj Mahal at the Berlin International Sand Sculpture Championships.


“Here the cats play with the rats instead of attacking them.”

Veterinarian Luisa Mendez on how rats are being locked in caged with cats as part of training for a landmine detection program. Colombia is home to the world’s largest number of land mine victims. Last year, there were 1,108 victims.

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Video: Civilian man hijacks army tank, crushes car.

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The British Army sounds like fun.

A 22 (going on 12) year-old man has faced court in the UK after he strolled into a military hanger, jumped into the driver’s seat of warrior tank, pushed the on button and destroyed a small car.

Jack Carroll was staying on base in North Yorks with a friend who is in the British Army when he decided it would be a fun idea to take out a parked car and have the whole thing filmed and put on the internet.

The video shows the warrior tank moving slowly toward a small white car, panning across, as it runs it over, completely crushing it. The tank was not damaged in any way.

Prosecutors told the court that “when the vehicle stops the person holding the camera moves to the front of the vehicle and the recording ends with a picture of the driver in the driver’s seat looking out and quite plainly gleeful at what he has just done.”

Outside court the naughty lad’s mother, Tina, said: “It is lucky he was a good intentioned young lad not a terrorist who got in that vehicle I think the Army must bear responsibility too.”

Carroll was given a one year driving ban, 200 hours community service and a small fine.

Sounds like it may have been worth it.

The video (BBC News video)  

When not at war, soldiers just love to crush cars for fun.

Just what you pay your taxes for.

Spice Girls Back!, be afraid, be very afraid.

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A few years ago all the rage in fashion was 70’s and then 80’s inspired looks, and now after more than 9 years since splitting, the quintessential 90’s pop band, The Spice Girls are back. Oh shit!

Yes, Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty are set to make a comeback and introduce themselves to a new generation of uber cool 00’s kids, after a press conference in London.

Video from press conference.

 The ladies will play 11 live shows in 8 countries around the world to support a greatest hits album which comes out later this year.

The tour dates are as follows:


December 7 – Los Angeles

December 8 – Las Vegas

December 11 – New York City

December 15 – London

December 20 – Cologne

December 23 – Madrid


January 10 – Beijing

January 12 – Hong Kong

January 17 – Sydney

January 20 – Cape Town

January 24 – Buenos Aires

The girls promised to perform all their classic hits during the show.

But they refused a challenge to sing live at the press conference in response to a report that their voices will be digitally enhanced on the tour.

“We don’t need to prove anything,” Mel C said.

The tour will be supported by a documentary which claims it will show the definitive story of the Spice Girls.

Halliwell said: “It’s going to be the most honest story that you’ve ever heard. You get to see the dark side of the Spice Girls, the gritty side, the tears.”

“I like to think our songs are universal and they are timeless. Hopefully, the young’uns will like it too,”Geri Halliwell,the oldest of the group gushed.

They sold more than 55 million records around the world, and even starred in a film, Spice World, after forming in 1994.

 Melanie Brown (Scary Spice)

 Melanie Chrisholm (Sporty Spice)

  Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)

 Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)

  Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice)