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It’s a fake!: ‘Van Gogh’ Painting connected to Rupert Murdoch proven near worthless.

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gogh_wideweb__470x2912.jpg  How embarrasing!

Like something out of a classic Hollywood thriller…

A self portait painting supposedly created in 1886 by legendary artist Vincent van Gogh, purported to be worth Australian $25 million (US $21.5 million), has been proven to be a fake.

The painting called ‘Head of a man’ was bought to Australia by the father of media billionare Rupert Murdoch, Sir Keith Murdoch, and has been with the National Gallery of Victoria collection since just before World War 2.

But when the painting went on a tour to Europe, experts in Amsterdam tested the painting regarded as “offbeat” and an “oddity”, by Van Gogh specialists.

Last year The Sunday Times in London published claims by Van Gogh specialists that the work had been incorrectly attributed.

And today, it was announced that those claims have proven accurate.

The gallery said there would be a “downwards adjustment” in the painting’s value when the Victorian state gallery revalues its collection next year.

Downward adjustment indeed!

Not so stary, stary anymore…..

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  1. Does this mean that Rupert needs to return any tax breaks he received by donating the painting to the museum? Or maybe he knew it was a fake and the best thing to do was give it to the museum and get the write-off? I’m sorry about all this wishful thinking. mutter, mutter, mutter

  2. Well, this was all Keith Murdoch, Rupert’s dads doing back in the day…
    Keith, like son, was very cosy indeed with governments of the day.
    What smart businessman wouldn’t want to cuddle up to the men in power!

    I’m no real fan of art, but I’d actually go see this painting if I got the chance. Even if it was just to laugh and point and the thing for the fact that it fooled so many people, for such a long time.

    70 years they thought this paining was a Van Gogh, 70 YEARS of trickery!

  3. But the picture is nice, lol.

    I like the video 🙂

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