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Video: Civilian man hijacks army tank, crushes car.

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The British Army sounds like fun.

A 22 (going on 12) year-old man has faced court in the UK after he strolled into a military hanger, jumped into the driver’s seat of warrior tank, pushed the on button and destroyed a small car.

Jack Carroll was staying on base in North Yorks with a friend who is in the British Army when he decided it would be a fun idea to take out a parked car and have the whole thing filmed and put on the internet.

The video shows the warrior tank moving slowly toward a small white car, panning across, as it runs it over, completely crushing it. The tank was not damaged in any way.

Prosecutors told the court that “when the vehicle stops the person holding the camera moves to the front of the vehicle and the recording ends with a picture of the driver in the driver’s seat looking out and quite plainly gleeful at what he has just done.”

Outside court the naughty lad’s mother, Tina, said: “It is lucky he was a good intentioned young lad not a terrorist who got in that vehicle I think the Army must bear responsibility too.”

Carroll was given a one year driving ban, 200 hours community service and a small fine.

Sounds like it may have been worth it.

The video (BBC News video)  

When not at war, soldiers just love to crush cars for fun.

Just what you pay your taxes for.


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