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Please, smash up our hotel room!

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A spanish hotel chain recently gave some frustrated individuals the rock star treatment.

The NH Alcala hotel, part of a chain of 335 hotels on three continents, said it decided to forgo hiring professional demolition companies and let selected “highly stressed out” customers start its facelift as a way to generate some headline-making publicity.

“Who hasn’t dreamed, in the middle of a stress attack, of breaking everything around them?” NH hotels said in a statement.

Psychologist Laura Garcia Agustin explained, “After a few blows comes exhaustion and with it the release of pain-relieving endorphins which make us feel much better.”

Those picked for the stress-relieving smash-up will be invited back to admire the hotel’s new interior in September, the chain said.

Witness the carnage!

China to blast rockets for rain free games.

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They really are going all out to impress to world. A little too far perhaps.

Authorities in China have reavealed plans to fire rockets into the atmosphere to seed clouds and create a rain free 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Local scientists have come up with an ambitious plan to force the heavens to open by firing dozens of chemical-infused rockets at threatening storm clouds, forcing them to let the water pour before the set-piece spectacle gets underway.

“We will use catalytic agents to force the rain clouds over the National Stadium to fall down prior to the opening ceremony,” Zhang Qiang told the state-run China Daily.

However, the plan depends on accurate weather forecasts or spectators in the spectacular – but uncovered – National Stadium may get wet on August 8 next year after all.

“We are still in the experimental stage,” Zhang said.

“The lack of rain so far this summer is making it difficult to conduct more experiments and collect enough data. We need more rain.”

Wang Yubin, a Beijing meteorologist, said the weather bureau would use “catalytic agents to force rain clouds to burst, should there be any, hours before the (opening) ceremony”, to ensure good weather.

But he added: “The forecast will have to be fairly accurate or we will not be able to fulfil our mission … Cloud dispersal is more difficult than seeding, and we are working on it,” the paper quoted Wang as saying.

A more pressing problem facing the authorities is the poor air quality in Beijing and the smog which often blankets the rapidly-growing city.

Beijing has plans to shut down its factories and prohibit traffic during the Olympics in a bid to keep the air clean.

Looking foward to it.