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World wide bride search ends in pure love for 7ft 8, Bao Xishu (world’s tallest)

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Ahh yes, a love story to concur all heights.

China’s Bao Xishu, the world’s tallest man, has gotten himself hitched to a woman who only just stands up to his elbow.


Colourful wedding ceremony- Boa is nicknamed Xi Shun or “The Mast”

He had been searching for love for about a decade when he came across sales clerk Xia Shujun, the two had only spent one month together before they decided to get hitched.

Bao Xishu, a herdsman, is a huge celebrity in China, and has travelled to various parts of the world to be greeted with rock-star like crowds. But he isn’t just famous for his height.

Last year authorities in his homeland called him up to achieve something only a superhero could do, using his 1.06 meter long arms to reach into the stomachs of two dolphins who were dieing after they swallowed plastic.

The wedding was attended by hundreds of people and sponsored by more than a dozen companies hoping to cash in on the attention. Those new found capitalist Chinese sure know how to get in on the act.

At 29 Bao’s new wife stands at 1.68 meters (5ft 6) and at 29 is half her husbands age.

Xia said she was madly in love.

“You need to have feelings for someone to be in love. Even if he is a big shot, you can’t love him without feelings,” Xia said.

Mnaaa, makes you all warm and fuzzy inside….

Superhero Bao?

   Big Ben indeed!

Video: Bao saves the day in China, Sky News UK, 2006.

Video: International celb, Bao treated like a rockstar in Vienna

See an interesting “list of famous tall people” from Wikipedia.

Man fakes own kidnapping, found bound and gagged.

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Now we all have our troubles with work colleagues throughout our working lives and some people will do absolutely anything to get out of work for various reasons, but this is just ridiculous.

A man has faked his own kidnapping in a truly bizarre attempt to avoid going to work.

The 22-year-old Japanese navy officer was found on Tuesday with his mouth gagged and hands tied in the bushes off a road in Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo, police said.

He initially said he was assaulted and kidnapped by a robber.

But questioned further by police, who found his story suspicious, he admitted to have made it up, a spokesman said.

The man apparently thought that if he feigned being the victim of a robbery, he could avoid work, where he was having trouble with co-workers. “He said he was getting tired of work as he was caught between his superiors and subordinates,” the police spokesman said.

Revealed: Gays’ not allowed to join Facebook.

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Apparenlty you’re allowed to be Hitler, but don’t even try being Gay on social networking site Facebook. reports:

It’s been revealed that the popular website – which boasts it has over 30 million members from around the world – does not allow people with the common Anglo Saxon surname Gay to join, assuming it is not a legitimate name.

After a story in New Zealand’s Dominion Post about 30-year-old Rowena Gay, who was denied entry to site because of her last name, undertook a test and found a person with the last name Gay was indeed not allowed to join.

“Please enter a legitimate name,” the website stated during our attempt. And while the website refused Gay, it had no problem allowing us to join with the last name Hitler.

What are you doing Facebook!? I can be Hitler but not Gay? Shame on you Facebook, shame!

Generosity gets weird in Japanese money mystery

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What’s going on in Japan?

A mysterious and generous individual has been leaving gifts of 10,000 yen ($US 80) in male toilets across Japan, urging them to “do good deeds and not think of evil”.

So far there are estimates that up to 400 of the gifts have been left across Japan since September.

Each of the gifts is wrapped in a traditional Japanese envelope with a note in traditional calligraphy telling the recipient to use the money for personal development and to only take one envelope.

The generosity came to light because many of the Japanese who have found the envelopes have handed them over to authorities as lost property.

“It’s a strange thing to find,” a security guard said. “I’m surprised it’s not a isolated case.”

A handwriting expert, Hideho Kindaichi, said the money might have been left by a person familiar with Buddhism.

“It might be a bit of an exaggeration but it might be this person is thinking people are having a hard time one way or another.

“Therefore he’s offering this money to help people in this very uncaring society.”