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Eva Roob: The Next Internet Sensation, From Football Star to Porn Star Samira Summer

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Felling a little down and out about the economy at the moment??? Never fear, former Football (soccer) star EVA ROOB of Germany is here to cheer you up……With the stage name SAMIRA SUMMER…..

Eva began her pro sporting career with FC Nuremberg in the German Women’s Football league back in 2001, but to make ends meet, she began a part time job as an erotic stripper. Things were all uphill from there, and one thing led to another, and the football star decided the money and the fun was in the porn industry.

Eva Roob, or Samira Summer as she is now known, will be competing for the title of Miss Venus 2008 in Berline this weekend. You can read all about this amazing German beauty Here or Here….Or

Check out her amazingly tantalizing pictures HERE. (WARNING: She has one of the fittest bods you will ever see) The link may also not be safe for work, depending on where you live.



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