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Piroska Nagy-Strauss-Kahn’s Sex Affair: All you need to know!

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Don’t let the term International Monetary Fund scare you away from a good old fashioned sex scandal!

If you’re looking for information on the Piroska Nagy-DFK IMF Sex Affair scandal that threatens to cut into progress tackling the developed worlds largest economic problem for 70-years, Hotties in the News has you covered.

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Read how French broadcasting darling Anne Sinclair has forgiven her husband’s “one night stand” HERE

or Read how the Sex affair and Scandal threatens progress between European and US leaders for a solution to the Global credit/financial crisis HERE.

100 years: The time it took a book to be returned to a library

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New Scientist magazine wrote last month that 2008 could be “year zero” for the time travell, just maybe they were right. Either that or someone in Finland took the concept of better late than never to an extreme.

Apparently someone, or something, in the city of Vantaa in southern Finland has returned a 1902 borrowed copy of a volume of a religious monthly called Vartija, an article that had been on loan for at least 100 years, reports.

“We are unclear when exactly it was borrowed and who returned it. There weren’t any documents with it,” librarian Minna Saastamoinen told Reuters.

“There is an old note attached to the book which says there is a fine of 10 pennies a week for late returns,” she added.

The library sticker inside the cover, and the old-fashioned handwriting on it, showed the book was last officially loaned out at the beginning of the last century, she said.

Finland is known for a comprehensive library network with more than 900 libraries for its 5.3 million inhabitants. In 2006, each Finn on average visited a library 11 times and borrowed nearly 20 books.

The periodical was borrowed such a long time ago that the Korso branch of the Vantaa library, where the tome was finally handed in, did not even exist when the book was borrowed.

Only in Finland.