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“Crazy”: Karaoke singer assulted for singing Coldplay!

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Oh what a thing to have done!

Coldplay, one of the most successful commercial bands in history, you either love them or you hate them…

Or do you? Well, most people probably don’t have an opinion.

But one woman from Washington,USA, obviously has an extreme hatred of the band; either that or she was experiencing the worst karaoke singing in history. Probably both.

Male Karaoke Singer: “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…”

Crazy woman in crowd: “Oh, no, not that song. I can’t stand that song!”

Karaoke man continues: “and everything that you do…yeah, they were all yel-…”

Crazy Woman in crowd: “You suck! ”

…Crazy woman gets up on stage, pushes man singing coldplay….

Karaoke Man continues singing:   “-ow…I came along.. I wrote a son-”


Crazy woman: Takes a round house swing at karaoke man, lands one in the face.

Oh boy…. Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him. Where’s Steve? (Got his own show, that’s what)

“It took three or four of us to hold her down,” a bartender from the Seattle Karaoke bar ‘Changes’, told local media.

“A little hippie girl,” the bartender referred to the woman as.

And when staff escorted the 21-year-old woman outside, things just got worse.

She “went crazy”. Throwing punches left, right and centre at anyone, including an off duty police officer.

When police finally arrived, she went even more crazy, head butting the off duty police officer.

Wow! What a night!

And according to the bartender’s statement to police, she had only bought a single shot of Jagermeister before her crazy rant.

Sounds like someone needs to lay off the Jager, and stay away from karaoke bars, with shit singers in them, which would be every karaoke bar in the known universe….

The Crazy News would like to dedicate this next ballad to our friend, the Crazy “little hippy girl”, from Seattle…. Look how they shine for you….

The Changes Bar website here! only $8.75 for a prime rib dinner on Friday’s, pretty good…

Extremely irrelevant, yet extremely sexy, picture of Gwyneth Paltrow…Cos you were all yellow..

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It’s War, Trade War That Is! As China arrests reporter for ‘fake’ cardboard food story

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It was a story that made for very interesting headlines around the world (The Crazy News didn’t report it, it sounded a little suss at the time).

A Chinese TV current affairs program ran a story last week that claimed an unlicensed food vendor in Beijing had been selling stuffed dumplings, using not fresh pork like usual but old cardboard with pork flavouring, and selling the food to unsuspecting locals.

But today authorities in the Chinese capitol have detained the China Central TV reporter behind the story, claiming that the journalist story was a fabrication aimed at securing “higher audience ratings”.

The detention of the reporter comes as China experiences a small trading war with countries like the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Panama and Australia.

 A series of tainted food and drug scandals that included poison dog food, toothpaste and drugs that resulted in dead pets and humans in the case of Panama.

China even took the shocking step of executing the former head of the countries food and drug regulator after “taking bribes to approve untested medicine”, a very sick stunt by the Chinese government to say the least.

Then again, you can get executed for pretty much anything in China, undertaking more court-ordered executions than the rest of the world combined.

The detention of the reporter really makes you wonder if the fake story about cardboard in food was actually real, or if the detention was just another stunt to assure us that the slogan ‘made in China’ means quality, yeah right.

In any case we’ll probably never know.

Bizarre: Gunman demands dinner guest’s money, leaves with good wine, cheese and a lot of love.

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The Crazy News blog- Random Event of the Week.

So, here’s the scene.

A group of friends and family in Washington D.C, USA, are just finishing a meal consisting of marinated steaks and prawns (shrimp), as we call them Down Under.

The group are now sitting on a back patio discussing life and the universe and such, sipping on fine red wine, making the most of a warm summer’s eve.

Suddenly, out of the darkness, a hooded man bursts in through an open gate and puts the barrel of a handgun to the head of a 14-year-old guest.

What happens next is weird at best…..

Masked Gunman: “Give me your money, or I’ll start shooting”

Dinner Guest: Well “we were just finishing dinner, why don’t you have a glass of wine with us?”

(Now, unmasked gunman takes sip of wine)

Masked Gunman: “Damn, that’s good wine.”

(Masked Gunman looks around at the faces of the group, then takes a bite of Camembert cheese, and another sip of wine)

Masked Gunman continues: “I’m sorry… I think I may have come to the wrong house, can I get a hug?”

One dinner guest, a children’s school worker takes the initiative, giving the now relaxed gunman a nice big warm hug.

Four other guests take their turns at a hug.

Masked Gunman: “That’s really good wine,” taking another sip. “Can we have a group hug?”

The man then walked out, with the crystal wine glass in hand offcourse, filled with Chateau Malescot.

He is yet to be caught.

Read more from The Seattle Times via Washington Post.

It really is nice to know that deep down in side, most criminals just want to be loved.

So next time your dinner party is interrupted by a masked gunman looking for quick cash, offer him some wine and a good hug and maybe everything will turn out all right…. after all, all you need is love

US Presidential election gets hot, sexy and a little more narcissistic.

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   Taryn Southern

  Amber Lee Ettinger

 The candidates.

US Presidential politcs is like, so hot right now.

First there was “Obama Girl”, a youtube hit from June, and now a former American Idol contestant and actress Taryn Southern, is looking for some cheap exposure; cashing in on election 2008 mania.

“Hot4Hill” is the latest video sweeping the internets, and it’s gotten saucey, with Taryn going for a girl on girl feel, professing her love for the Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton.

The story:

The full ‘Hot4Hill’ video:

“I’ve got a crush on Obama”