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Say Hello to the Newest ‘World’s Tallest Man’!

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Through the roof!… You know what they say about men with big feet…

Move over Bao Xishun of China, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk is the toast of his homeland, after being declared the new world’s tallest man in London by the Guinness Book of Records.

Bao and the new Mrs.

Yep, poor old recently married Bao is now yesterday’s hero, but at least he can now go back to the simple life and Leonid can step into the spotlight, and fascinate the world with his 2.58 m (8 ft 5+12 inch) frame.

At one with the trees, just do it!

And Leonid has a team of Soviet era Ukrainian surgeons to thank, because back in 1985 he underwent a brain operation, which apparently stimulated his pituitary gland a bit too much, and contributed, to his massive growth.

Didn’t the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster happen around the same time as well? Hrmmm? Makes you think….

Unfortunately for Leonid, his growth continues, even as he heads into his late 30’s.

41.jpg There is some big hands! Shack will be jealous…

“My two-year-old suit’s sleeves and pants are now 30 centimetres (12 inches) shorter than I need…my height is God’s punishment. My life has no sense,” he told reporters back in 2004.

He had previously laid claim to being the world’s tallest man, however it was only until recently that he allowed the Guinness Records to officially measure him.

He quit his job as a veterinarian in 2001, and now lives with his mother and works on a farm in the small town of Podolyantsi.


“He is a most unselfish, diligent man of a pure soul,” said a neighbour of Leonid back in 2004.

The tallest man in history, however, was Robert Pershing Wadlow from the United States, standing at a whopping 2.72 meters (8 ft 11.1 in) tall. He died in 1940 after he developed an infection of the foot (people died more easily back in those days).

wadlow5.jpg Tallest in medical history.

The world’s tallest woman is Sandy Allen of Indiana, USA. She stands at 2.31 m (7 ft 7 in).

120058859_72e2f6dfb7.jpg ‘Tallest Woman’, Sandy Allen in the late 1970’s.

Click to See more from Guinness!

To help celebrate the passing of the baton of world’s tallest men, from China to Ukraine, 80’s pop singer Yazz decided to drop on by and dedicate her dance hit classic to Leonid Stadnyk and his wonderful achievement….

Well done again, Leonid, well done…

Yes, that’s right. The only way IS up.

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