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Hack Me! iPhone Nerd Swaps It For Car.

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Hard work pays off…. when you are a nerd.

c56b9057-1d4e-4879-b3ff-37e71ef1fc31.jpg When I was 17…..

Some computer hackers go to jail for a very long time, some get hired by major technology corporations and make millions, while others go to jail and then get hired by major technology corporations, and make millions.

But for 17-year-old whiz kid George Hotz (remember that name), hacking the new Apple iPhone device so it could be used on a non AT&T network connection, has seen him land a brand new, “sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones,” the unlikely celebrity boasted on his blogspot page Saturday.

       Yes, that’s a 350Z

And mind the French, but f*#k me people! This kid looks like he’s going to have one hell of a future.

Not only has young George made headlines on TV news programs, radio, magazine, online news, etc across the globe the past few days (just read the comments from around the world on his blog), he now has gigs working as a consultant for major communications companies. Not forgetting to mention all the time he has spent fielding interviews from journalists calling from Prague to Port-au-Prince.

George, like all good nerds should be doing, spent “most of the summer” indoors with some online pals working out how to crack open the exclusive iphone connection, before heading to college at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. He posted a ‘ten easy steps guide’ on his blog, so you too can do away with the dictatorial wrath of AT&T.

  Hard Jobs…..

The job took 500 hours, or about eight hours a day since the IPhone’s June 29 launch.

When asked by a local journalist, when moving into his college dorm, why he wanted to crack the i code, Hotz explained in some uber cool 2000’s style dialect.

“It was a cool phone I saw it on the commercials I was like yo! They show the skate boarding dog. I want to make my phone show the skate boarding dog. But I have T-Mobile and my parents didn’t want to pay for it and so I cracked the iPhone.”

The deal to exchange the hacked phone was made with Terry Daidone, the co-founder of CertiCell, most likely as a publicity stunt. A fine job he has done indeed.

Much to our disappointment, the company is not planning on commercialising George’s discovery.

Party poopers.

Good luck to you George, you aren’t going to need it.

Just thow it!

Meanwhile in other mobile/cell phone news……

On the same day that our boy George was swapping his phone for a new Nissan, the World Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship were being held in the spiritual home of mobile technology, Finland, in a contest that reflects “people’s love-hate relationship with the mobile phone.”

Every August for the last 8 years contestants, athletes if you will, from around the planet have descended on the little town of Nyslott to test their skills in the categories of distance and freestyle.

It was an all local affair with engineer Tommi Huotari taking the gold medal by projecting his device 89.62 metres in the men’s, with the silver going to another local Kia Paajanen at 76.68 meters and Mikko Haikala went 3rd with a competitive 73.36meters.

Tommi had no past training in phone throwing, preferring the more civilised sporting spectacle of potato throwing.

“I have never thrown a phone before but have been participating in potato-throwing … surprisingly, a potato flies further. I am sure everyone would like to throw their phone away every once in a while.”

Finland also claimed the women’s crown, with world record holder Eija Laakso clocking up 44.49 metres.


In the freestyle category, a non Fin managed to take a medal.

Tasty Taco Cohen used acrobatics and juggling in his performance which was judged on aesthetics and artistic impression. The 19-year-old told media that years of playing with his balls had equipped him with the means to win the category honour.

“Juggling I have done for many years with balls. (But) these are irregular shapes and weights, it is difficult.”

Rumour has it that the IOC is thinking of including Phone throwing as a demonstration sport at the 2050 Summer Games.

See all the results and excitement from the Championships at the web site here.


Check out some of the fun from the 2005 Championships, those 2005 phones are bricks compared to those of 2007…

This all gets me wondering….wouldn’t it be more therapeutic to just smash the living shit out of the phones?

I guess that’s for an angrier day…..

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Can’t name that song? Hum it into the computer with new technology.

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Can’t name that song?

Don’t know anything about the artist?

You’re so pathetic, you don’t even know the words to the song, yet you still want to track it down so you can purchase it?

Never fear.

An Australian inventor has been working on the problem for a good decade.

The computer science expert from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  has developed the technology that will enable you to hum a melody into a microphone attached to you’re computer, and the software program will instantly track down you’re song.

“The singing is stored in the computer as a wave form and then must be converted into note information before it can be matched against the music,” Inventor Dr Sandra Uitdenbogerd said.

“The converted fragment of recorded singing is compared with the note information extracted from the audio files in the online music collection that’s being searched.”


Did you get all that?

I know I didn’t.

But what about the easy task of typing in the words to a song, and hunting down you’re favoured track that way?

Well the Dr Uitdenbogerd admits that is an easy option, but for all those idiots out there who don’t know jack about what words their song has in it; the new technology will do wonders.

“Obviously, there are songs that people will know the lyrics to and Googling the words will generate fast and accurate results,” Dr Uitdenbogerd said.

“However there are categories of music that cannot be searched using text as a method of retrieval.”

Currently, the technology can only search for simple MIDI files, but Dr Uitdenbogerd said MP3 compatible software would be her next goal.

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It’s Coming:”Firmer, bigger, longer!” Revolutionary condom arouses market investors looking for the next big thing.

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Yeah baby!

Watch out ladies, err and ah gents, amid all the current stock market turmoil and uncertainty, shares in British condom maker Futura Medical have ballooned to new heights with expectations the company’s new CSD500 condom will revolutionise the male sexual experience, media reports.

How exciting!

“I am delighted by these highly statistically significant study results, which give us confidence that the CSD500 product will gain marketing approval and, once launched, be a commercial success,” the chief executive, James Barder, said.

A statement on the company web site details how the revolutionary condom will work, touting an amazing Viagra like ability to allow for maximum pleasure for both sexual partners. Human trials on 108 healthy couples recently came to a climax.

The new product will “incorporate an erectogenic compound to help men maintain a full erection during intercourse…a pharmacological dose contained within the teat of the condom will be delivered to the penis.

“This will result in increased local blood flow which in turn should lead to improved rigidity, tumescence and duration of an erection.”

The “pharmacological dose” they speak of is a chemical compound called glyceryl trinitrate, otherwise known as nitroglycerin, a chemical most famous for its use in explosives. Yes, explosives.

Talk about more bang for your buck!

It is used in other medical products, primarily for its ability to widen blood vessels.


Shares did a roaring trade after the announcement,  skyrocketing 14.5 percent, just shy of a whopping 60 British pounds. Oh behave!

“We expect to get regulatory EU approval later this year and then it is a question of launching the product soon after, so the revenues are really going to hit us in 2008,” the CEO of the company moaned.

Market research had shown that “up to 80 percent of existing condom users would be interested in trying the product and, more importantly, 49 percent of non-condom users would be interested in using it as it will help them maintain an erection.” Yeah, baby!

The amazing new condom will be marketed by SSL International under the Durex brand.

I just can’t wait, till 2008! There’s nothing like increased blood flow, nothing!

Right ladies?


I’m sure all the man loving ladies of England will be happy with this product, especially if TV comedy Family Guy’s version of high class British porn rings true….

Well done, indeed!

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NASA begins Flying Car contest, but one company says the future of air travel is here now.

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Who said flying saucers were not from this world?

As NASA launches a US$2 million prize contest for a viable flying car or personal air vehicle (PAVs), a competition called the PAV Challenge, one company says it’s already light years ahead.

The US company called Moller International says it is ready to put a real flying saucer onto the market, so you and I can have a piece of the action.


Inspired by 1960’s cartoon series, The Jetsons, the California-based company has just begun production on the initial six airframes of its M200G Volantor.

Meet George Jetson!

Apparently, the personal flying pod can glide three metres off the ground and carry two passengers. It is powered by eight of the company’s rotary engines and with a maximum flying hight of just 3 meters above the ground, the flying saucer is said to act similar to a hovercraft without the restrictions of a rough surface, and can even “glide over terrain at 50 MPH.”

There are even prototype plans in the works for high-rise rescue pod configurations, and pods that can be equipped with weapons for use in the military, with reports this month that the US Department of Defence is looking at purchasing at least some of the technology.


 In the 1997 Sci-Fi/Action movie, The 5th Element, flying cars are the only way to get around…

The prototype has completed over two hundred flights with and without a pilot on board.

For safety, air-bags surround occupants in the cockpit, while the vehicle’s on-board computer system ensures that it does not enter regulated airspace.

But is this the real deal?

The owner of Moller International, Canadian Dr Paul Moller, has been working to sell flying car style products for some 40 years, and while nobody really doubts that his vehicle is able to lift off in the air at least for a few moments, it takes up a lot of energy to get a fully stable and viable, Jetsons style pod to work for transportation.

The same man and company is, or was, behind the well documented Skycar. That made waves in the media back in 2003, but the buzz around that soon subsided when Dr Moller and his company was sued by the US Securities and Exchange commission, a lawsuit that was settled for US$50,000.

The Moller Skycar prototype. It’s noisy, unstable, and doesn’t go very far at all. Couldn’t even sell it on eBay.

As to date, the company has never bought a viable vehicle to market, but Moller insists that this flying pod is going to be different. But with a pricetag of at least US$90-$125,000, evidence of a potentially successful product is still to be seen, so I wouldn’t be holding my breath, just yet anyway.

However, NASA is optimistic about the future prospects of Jetsons style personal air travel, a future that some thought would be a reality today. A future where flying cars are as common as cars on the road.

A recent report predicts that up to 45% of all miles travelled in the future may be in PAVs.  The prediction accounts for the need to relieve the future congestion at metropolitan hub airports and the roads and freeways that surround them.

It would also reduce the need to build new highways and save much of the 6.8 billion gallons of fuel wasted in surface gridlock each year.

I’d just like to know who gets to drive these future air cars, and what traffic system is in place to stop deadly accidents. A problem you can bet a flying car future would bring, given the death and destruction the humble car has unleashed on the worlds roads in the last 100 years.

See video of the pod, should I say very dubious as there is a big crane pictured off to the side of the test field. I wonder what that could be for.

Also the video looks to have been taken some time in the 1980’s, maybe even longer ago than that.

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