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Vladimir Putin, Gay Icon?

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Crazy Russian Times….


Why has this photo of tough guy, former KGB agent etc etc, Russian President Vladimir Putin caused such a stir?

It was taken while he was holidaying with Monaco’s Prince Albert (not the piercing) II in the Tuva region of Siberia, as a thanks for getting Russia to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. (Albert is a powerful member of the International Olympic Committee)

It’s a photo that has seen the nation go Putin half naked crazy!

Russia’s most read newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda ,posted a step-by-step guide to building a body like the President and Radio talk back speculated that the photo showed signals that he doesn’t plan to relinquish power.

But most hilariously, Russian gay chat rooms and blogs were buzzing about the official picture, comparing the tough guy Putin photo to gay cowboy spectacular Brokeback Mountain.

And offcourse not to forget the women of Russia, who were apparently “screaming with delight and showering (him) with compliments.” Via the Guardian.

So what can explain such a ruckus made by one simple Kremlin propagandist photo? Micheal Grove from the Times of London put it best, from what I can tell at least, with this post-modern/masculinist/whateverist analysis.

On one level Vlad is showing us all that he’s a remarkably fit man for his age (54) and that, unlike in the decadent West, Russia’s leaders remain the physical embodiment of their nation’s vigour – classical champions in the manner of those Roman emperors who would renew their mandate to rule on the battlefield or even in the gladiatorial ring. His bare-chested peacockery is, in that respect, in line with the broader cult of Putin as his nation’s silverback – the leader of the band.

Baring your torso on holiday, whether in Ayia Napa or on the deck of your yacht, means setting aside the expected norms of modesty and thus, in its way, involves you staking a claim to attention, and occupying more space than if you were clothed. It is an act of assertion, a waving of the coxcomb.

Offcourse, “waving of the coxcomb”. Ahh, yes, I couldn’t have put it any better myself really.

The photo who-ha comes at a very interesting time for our pals in Russia.

Let’s see what else they have been up to:

It has unvieled the world’s largest known Russian flag, covering 400 square metres, on the banks of the Moskva to celebrate “the authority of our country”. Ah, O-K.


She has planted a flag at the bottom of the ocean under the north pole, claiming the area for it’s extensive natural resources, for a future date (once all that nice ice has melt sometime mid-late this century), despite it likely breaking international law.

And the recommencement of Cold War era style long range tactical bomber missions, which has already spooked European nations.

Hold me, I’m scared!…

If your not Vladimired out enough yet, you can see a lovely slide show of Putin’s holiday in the sun here, from the International Herald Tribune.

For the record Putin didn’t catch a thing. Except maybe a weak southern Russian tan.

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Massive Russian meteorite goes missing, as stargazers enjoy celestial show.

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They can reveal details of the ancient Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe at large. They are meteorites. They are the fragments of meteoroids, that have survived the journey thought the Earth’s atmosphere, and somehow landed on our planets surface and been preserved.

All round mystery….

And one such apparent meteorite from Tunguska, Russia, has made a strange diapering act.

According to media, the meteorite has ‘gone missing’ from the Tunguska Space Event Foundation in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia.


And this meteorite isn’t your normal marble to basketball sized rocks that are most commonly found, as seen above.

This meteorite is a ‘three ton rock’ that mysteriously disappeared recently, right under the noses of the foundation staff. That’s a three ton rock! Over 2 700 kilograms.

According to reports, Russian police are searching for the rock across the northern Siberian city, that foundation director Yury Lavbin apparently bought back from a 2004 expedition to the site of the mysterious ‘Tunguska event,” 100 years ago.

tunguska-1.jpg The Tunguska event uprooted and scorched trees for 50 miles around the ‘impact’.

(I say apparently as their appears to be very little evidence a meteorite from this event actually exists)

The Tunguska even/explosion occurred on June 30, 1908. Most scientists and researchers believe that the event was caused by the airburst of a comet fragment a few kilometres above the ground near the Tunguska river, blowing at 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

A blast that set the North Asian and European night skies alight in the hours after the event, according to Time Magazine. A night so bright, even people in London were said to be ‘able to read a paper outside’, where it would usually be pitch black.

The Alien Theory?

However, back in 2004, just after the expedition to the site of the event, Yurty Lavbin also made the claim that he and his team had found the wreck of an ‘alien technical device’ at ground zero of the Tunguska explosion. A claim that was picked up by news wires around the world, as fact.

To add to that, even before Lavbin set off on his expedition he had proclaimed he believed that not a meteorite, but an extraterrestrial spaceship had crashed in 1908. 


Whatever the story, meteorite, or no meteorite, Lavbin wants his rock back.

“It winds up that it disappeared…our colleagues are establishing what got lost, where the rock is and why they only came to us about it now,” Lavbin said.

Yes, the mysterious meteorite rock (that may or may not have even existed in the first place), from the mysterious Tunguska event, is nowhere to be seen. Where could it be?

Perhaps the massive meteorite will wind up being sold on an online meteorite market, where daily, thousands of dollars are exchanged by buys and sellers of rocks from outer space.

Who stole my meteor?

And it turns out that missing meteorites in Russia is not a new thing….

Back in June the Sofia news agency reported that a chunk of a meteorite weighing over 7 kilograms has been stolen from a museum in the remote Magadan Region in Russia’s Far East.

Thieves broke into the history museum in the village of Seimchan at night and stole a part of the Seimchan meteorite, found in 1967 near a gold mine.

Apparently the offenders were inspired by a recent TV program, which discussed the high value of meteorites on Russia’s black market.


Meanwhile, in other crazy out of this world news, lucky stargazers in the northern hemisphere and parts of the southern hemisphere for that matter, have been treated to the spectacular display of the Perseid meteor shower, an annual event, which this year coincided with a new moon, allowing for the best star gazing in years.

Prime viewing locations were Western Europe and North America, where 100 meteors or more an hour would have been visible where the sky was clearest and darkest.

The shower has been observed at least for the past 2000 years.

And what of the chances of being hit by a meteorite from the sky?

“There’s been about 21 recorded deaths in around the last 100 years from meteorite strikes,” said Australian scientist Jane Morgan.

“You may remember about three years ago when a house was hit by a meteorite in New Zealand … punched a hole in the roof and ricocheted around the lounge room and came to rest, but the chances of being hit are very slight, but it has been known to happen.”

I like those odds’

Heads up!

Video from the shower last night, the meteor shower that is, I know what you were thinking, sicko….

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Video: Sex & orgasms turns EU politics wild.

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Sex controversy has exploded at the European commision after a video designed to promote the European cinema industry drew criticism from the media.

The EU executive’s usually boring news conference sprung to life with questions over whether a 44-second clip of 18 couples achieving ecstasy in a mulitple positions and venues was the best way to show uses of taxpayers’ money.

“Let us for once also have a good sense of humor and let us not start the old wars of the fifties about what is sex, what is pornography and what is simply normal to watch on television,” spokesman Martin Selmayr appealed.

The raunchy clip is made up of snippets from various general release films that have been funded by the EU, including “Amelie” and “Good Bye Lenin!.”

Some reporters also took a swipe at the title of the sequence, asking whether “Let’s Come Together” was acceptable innuendo — and if it was, whether the pun worked in the 27-member Union’s other official languages.

See what all the fuss is about.

There really is something for everyone!

One old whale, 1880’s weapon fragment found in huge mammal caught off Alaska.

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Fragments of a weapon used by whale hunters off Alaska in the 1800’s has been found lodged in a Bowhead whale, caught by the indigenous Inupiat people recently.

The fragment shows that the whale could be nearly 130 years old, said Craig George, a wildlife biologist with the borough’s Department of Wildlife Management.

“It was probably at least a yearling when it was struck, because the whalemen never took calves”


The Beautiful Bowhead whale in icy Alaskan waters.

The fragment of bomb lace was given to scientists by the Inupiat whalers, who are allowed to catch up to 50 of the speices a year in Alaskan waters.  The hunt is managed by the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission. There is a population of around 8,000 Bowheads in Alaskan waters.

The Inupiat have long said that bowhead whales live for the equivalent of two human lifetimes, and the find suggest that knowledge is indeed right.

Commercial whaling is banned worldwide, althought the Japanese would like that to change. Native tribes from Alaska, Greenland and parts of Russia are allowed to hunt whales under a non-commercial agreement.

 In Alaska, meat from hunted whales is distributed to all residents of the hunters’ villages.

Inupiat in Alaska divide up whale meat.

National Geographic video: Bowhead Whales.