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Women dream about sex just as much as men.

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A new Canadian study on what we dream about when we sleep says that men and women dream about sex on an equal level.

The study was based on interviews with 109 women and 64 men who logged their dreams over a period of two to four weeks. The volunteers racked up some 3500 dreams, with 8 per cent of those being of an erotic nature.

It found that women think about doing it with movie and rock stars and politicians or lovers of past, while men dream about making love to multiple partners in public or unknown settings.

The women who took part in the study were twice as likely to have dream scenarios featuring celebrities such as actors Brad Pitt or George Clooney, or Irish rocker Bono, as their male counterparts.

Men, on the other hand, reported dreams featuring multiple sex partners twice as often as the women.

Men almost never had to put their ego on the line and come on to a woman. In about 90 per cent of the erotic dreams males logged, the women made the first move.

“The men had women coming on to them – at least in their dreams,” said author Antonio Zadra, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Montreal in Canada.

The pattern may reflect a certain amount of wishful thinking given the usual social norms that apply in the dating and courtship world, Professor Zadra said.

And finally, when it came to erotic dreams that dealt with sexual disappointments, the genders had very different tales to tell.

The women recounted scenarios where they were turned off by something that happened or the pace of proceedings. For the men, it was more often a case of their virtual partners refusing to engage in certain activities, or their sexcapade plans falling through for some reason.

“Maybe their demands were unrealistic even for their dream characters,” Prof Zadra said.

All the participants in the study were heterosexuals.


Sexsomnia, happening in a bedroom near you!

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      People are still having sex.

You can add sex to the roster of unlikely sleep behaviors known as parasomnias, which range from sleep driving to sleep eating, say psychological health experts.

“Sleepsex” or “sexsomnia” as it is being called occours during partial arousal from deep sleep, when the brain regions devoted to higher thought, judgment and reasoning are shut down, and areas governing more primitive functions (such as locomotion, eating and sex) are still active.

“One man had been initiating intercourse on almost a nightly basis,” says a psychologist about one case of sleepsex. That was apparently fine with his wife, until “one night he started snoring.” In another case, a female sexsomniac routinely groped her husband. Whenever he responded, “she would wake up and accuse him of forcing sex on her while she slept.”

Not all cases of sleepsex are so amusing. Canadian Jan Luedecke had a history of sleepwalking. One night he’d been drinking at a party and found himself sacked out on the couch with a woman he’d met there. Hours later, she jolted him awake and demanded to know what he was doing. Luedecke claimed he was unaware he was having sex with her. “Under the law, if there’s no intent to commit a crime, you haven’t committed a crime,” says Dr. Colin Shapiro, director of the Youthdale Child and Adolescent Sleep Center in Toronto, who testified for the defense. Luedecke was acquitted (to the outrage of women’s organizations in Canada), and the case is now on appeal.

The condition is highly treatable with the generic anti-anxiety drug clonazepam. Seeking help can only work to a sufferer’s advantage. After all, if you’re going to have sex, you might as well enjoy it.