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“Taken screaming” Paris back inside after day of drama.

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 Video: Watch reaction as the decision is made public by Court spokesman Allan Parachini, who details todays hearing.

Video: The days events from local news reporter.

Video: The media circus.

 Paris not a happy camper as she left her home this morning.

It was a day of drama in LA as Paris Hilton was put back in jail a day and a half after being released by the Los Angeles Sherrif Department on health grounds. Hilton supporters screamed in shock when the verdict was announced  outside the courthouse after a hearing which lasted over an hour.

In scenes sure to be recreated in any future Paris Hilton movie the Billionare heiress reportedly shouted “It’s not right!” and went into hysterics and wept. “Mom!” she called out to her mother in the audience.

She cried throughout the hearing, her body shook constantly and she dabbed at her eyes. Several times she turned to her parents, seated behind her in the courtroom, and mouthed, “I love you.”

       Paris with her parents Richard and Kathy Hilton, sister Nicky, and brothers Barron Hilton II, and Conrad Hilton III.  Taken at Studio 54, New York City, at one of her many 21st birthday bashes.


Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer was calm but apparently irked by the morning’s developments. He said he had left the courthouse Thursday night having signed an order for Hilton to appear for the hearing.

When he got in his car early Friday, he said, he heard a radio report that he had approved Hilton’s participation in the hearing by telephone, but he had not.

“I at no time condoned the actions of the sheriff and at no time told him I approved the actions,” he said of the decision to release Hilton from jail after three days.

“At no time did I approve the defendant being released from custody to her home on Kings Road,” Judge Sauer said.

So, clearly the Judge did not have Paris in his good books from the start.

Meanwhile the sheriff who had granted Hilton the right to serve at home said: “The purpose of the early release was the fact that her medical condition was deteriorating. It brought me grave concern.”

He also insisted Hilton’s celebrity status was the reason why she was sent back to jail.

Sheriff Baca said: “This lady has some severe problems” but added her “inexplicable deterioration” puzzled county psychiatrists.

The Hilton family has now appealed the ruling, so it’s likely the Paris drama may continue in the coming days.

Earlier Friday, a weeping Hilton was brought back to court in a police car, apparently handcuffed. She was taken from her home, where she returned yesterday after the sheriff’s department decided she could serve out her sentence in home confinement, with an ankle monitor.

How it all started…

Hilton failed a sobriety test in September after police saw her weaving down a street in her Mercedes-Benz on what she said was a late-night hamburger run.

She pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

In the months that followed, she was stopped twice while driving on a suspended licence.

Paris Hilton

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Back in the slamer, Paris? Drama never ending.

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 Paris Hilton may still yet be screwed around….

A Los Angeles judge has ordered Paris Hilton to appear in court in person today. It was initially understood that she was allowed to phone in, however, the judge ordered her to be physically in court, which will determine whether she should be returned to jail.

  The West Hollywood mansion.

As you probably know by know, Ms Hilton has been allowed to leave jail after only serving 3 measly days of a 45 day term. She is now confined to her mansion in West Hollywood. Hilton was given an electronic tag and ordered to remain under house arrest for the remainder of her sentence.  

The court apperance was prompted after L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo demanded an explanation as to why the Sheriff’s Department allowed Paris to get out of jail when the judge had expressly ordered her to serve out her entire sentence.

Video: Exclusive video outside the West Hollywood mansion where the media frenzy continues. It is also safe to asume that there will be a massive media scrum at the court where Paris will attend very soon.

Video: To court she will go

“The decision whether or not Ms Hilton should be released early and placed on electronic monitoring should be made by Judge [Michael] Sauer, and not the Sheriff’s Department”-

At the time of Hilton’s release, Steve Whitmore, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said: “After extensive consultation with medical personnel, it was decided this reassignment should be done.”

No details of the medical problem could be given for “privacy reasons”, he said, but insisted she had received no special treatment.

                                                    Sick or special treatment?

Civil rights leader Rev Al Sharpton condemned the release as showing the “double standards” of the US legal system.

“This early release gives all of the appearances of economic and racial favouritism that is constantly cited by poor people and people of colour,” he said. “There are any number of cases of people who handle being incarcerated badly and even have health conditions that are not released.”

Early release is “unusual”

Assistant City Atty. Dan Jefferies said that the reason given for Hilton’s release made the case unusual and raised questions about special treatment. He said that releasing inmates due to overcrowding was common but said in his 25 years as a prosecutor, he could remember only two or three instances when people were let go early for medical reasons. In each case,he said, the individuals were extremely ill.

Delgadillo, his boss, agreed: “Los Angeles County jail medical facilities are well-equipped to deal with medical situations involving inmates.”

He added that if Hilton’s “medical condition truly warranted a change in her circumstances” her attorney “should have filed an emergency application with the court and provided my office with the opportunity to respond.”

This aintn over yet folks!

Paris Hilton El Mug.

  I’ll do anything to get out?

Jokes’ on Hilton, in jail life.

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US socialite Paris Hilton began serving her Los Angeles jail sentence for violating probation Sunday night, her lawyer says.

Hilton turned herself in at the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles just after 10:30 p.m., then was escorted to the all women’s facility in Lynwood, where she was booked, fingerprinted, photographed, medically screened and issued an orange top and pants

Earlier Sunday evening, Hilton attended the MTV Movie Awards near Hollywood, where she was the butt of comedians’ jokes, including a few jabs from Sarah Silverman (video) , which made Paris visibly unnerved, and left Jack Nicholson cracking up.

Hilton’s booking photo showed the heiress wearing what appeared to be a V-neck shirt, eye makeup and lip gloss that highlighted a slight smile. Her long blond hair was draped over one shoulder.

 Newparis The photo you will see on the front cover of  Tuesdays paper.

Paris will take her meals in her cell and will be allowed outside the 12-by-8-foot space for at least an hour each day to shower, watch TV in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone. No cell phones or BlackBerrys are permitted in the facility, even for visitors.

The jail, a two-story concrete building next to train tracks and beneath a bustling freeway, has been an all-female facility since March 2006. It’s located in an industrial area about 12 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

“I did have a choice to go to a pay jail,” Hilton said Sunday, without giving details. “But I declined because I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I’m not and that’s why I wanted to go to county, to show that I can do it and I’m going to be treated like everyone else. I’m going to do the time, I’m going to do it the right way.” Vote: Will Paris survive her 23 day stay in jail?

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