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“Crazy”: Karaoke singer assulted for singing Coldplay!

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Oh what a thing to have done!

Coldplay, one of the most successful commercial bands in history, you either love them or you hate them…

Or do you? Well, most people probably don’t have an opinion.

But one woman from Washington,USA, obviously has an extreme hatred of the band; either that or she was experiencing the worst karaoke singing in history. Probably both.

Male Karaoke Singer: “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you…”

Crazy woman in crowd: “Oh, no, not that song. I can’t stand that song!”

Karaoke man continues: “and everything that you do…yeah, they were all yel-…”

Crazy Woman in crowd: “You suck! ”

…Crazy woman gets up on stage, pushes man singing coldplay….

Karaoke Man continues singing:   “-ow…I came along.. I wrote a son-”


Crazy woman: Takes a round house swing at karaoke man, lands one in the face.

Oh boy…. Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him. Where’s Steve? (Got his own show, that’s what)

“It took three or four of us to hold her down,” a bartender from the Seattle Karaoke bar ‘Changes’, told local media.

“A little hippie girl,” the bartender referred to the woman as.

And when staff escorted the 21-year-old woman outside, things just got worse.

She “went crazy”. Throwing punches left, right and centre at anyone, including an off duty police officer.

When police finally arrived, she went even more crazy, head butting the off duty police officer.

Wow! What a night!

And according to the bartender’s statement to police, she had only bought a single shot of Jagermeister before her crazy rant.

Sounds like someone needs to lay off the Jager, and stay away from karaoke bars, with shit singers in them, which would be every karaoke bar in the known universe….

The Crazy News would like to dedicate this next ballad to our friend, the Crazy “little hippy girl”, from Seattle…. Look how they shine for you….

The Changes Bar website here! only $8.75 for a prime rib dinner on Friday’s, pretty good…

Extremely irrelevant, yet extremely sexy, picture of Gwyneth Paltrow…Cos you were all yellow..

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