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Crazy: Horney Hedgehogs, Kangaroo Shoes, Siesta Laws & Deep Fried Mouse

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The Crazy News: Quick Quotes!


“Good thing I seen it. I got it all the way up to my mouth, I felt the fur, I brought it back down and just looked at it and threw it behind my back.”

Jack Hines, a 66-year-old former laborer from rural Montana, USA on his finding of a deep-fried mouse in his bag of barbecue potato chips.


“Do you agree that the Parliament of the Republic of Hungary should make a law about introducing the siesta?”

That’s the question 8 million Hungarians will be faced with if a referendum on whether or not there should be a national siesta law.  Vote should take place in 2008 if 200,000 signatures are collected.


“Although adidas makes some shoes using kangaroo leather, a common practice in our industry, adidas does not make shoes from any endangered or threatened kangaroo species.”

Spokesperson for sports product Adidas responds after a California’s Supreme Court rules that the company could not sell shoes made from kangaroo leather in the US State.


“The pair were loudly engaged in ensuring the continuity of their species”

A German Police officer discusses the discovery of two horney hedgehogs making a disturbing amount of noise in the front garden of a house.

Let it snow! SE Australia in a freeze.

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As most people in the Northern Hemisphere fry in the heat, it’s quite the opposite where I am, Down Under way.

Australia’s most highly populated area, the south east where cities like Melbourne and Sydney lie, is experiencing some of the coldest weather on record.

Sydneysiders woke up to their coldest July morning in 21 years.

Meanwhile to the south of Sydney, in the state of Victoria, roads were closed due to freezing and the city of Melbourne was hammered with high winds.