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Jericho; TV fans go nuts after cancellation, literally.

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Jericho nuts  Not crazy, its f*#king nuts!

Passionate fans of TV show Jericho have launched, and may be winning, a campaign to have the show put back on the air by sending millions of nuts to CBS TV executives across the United States.

In May, when CBS Television cancelled the show about life in a small rural town after a nuclear holocaust, legions of fans were incenced, and plans were soon hatched to have the show re-instated. The idea to send nuts was soon chosen, and with a little help of some smart marketing from, the campaign took off, and now some rumours say the show may get 8 more episodes. 

Quoting an anonymous source, The Associated Press Tuesday said CBS is reconsidering its decision to cancel the show. A decision on whether to bring the show back, probably for a mid-season run, is imminent. Is this a PR stunt to stem the flow of nuts, or is it genuine? Only time will tell Jericho fans.

Jericho cast and babes…

Why nuts?

In the final episode of “Jericho,” the town is under siege from a neighboring community.  When asked to surrender, lead character Jake Green, played by Skeet Ulrich, has a one-word response: “Nuts.”

The response is a reference to Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, a U.S. Army general who in World War II was surrounded by Germans demanding his surrender. His response: “Nuts.”

All I have to say is, what a waste of food.

See what all the fuss is about, 2006 Jericho promo.