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Amature porn killing professional industry.

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The online availability of free and low-cost pornographic photos and videos has begun to take a toll on the sales of X-rated web sites and DVDs. An article in Saturdays New York Times has revealed that inexpensive digital technology has allowed aspiring amateur pornographers to flood the market, while the rest of the porn industry gives away more material in order to lure and maintain paying customers.

“People are making movies in their houses and dragging and dropping them onto free Web sites…It’s killing the marketplace.”, says a porn executive.

And Companies in the business are even supplying much of the free porn samples. “They think that if they give people enough of a free sample, they’ll come back and pay, but that’s not true, but in reality… people are surfing for free material, getting what they want and then leaving.”

Some companies are experiencing drops in revenue of up to 30%, and there are even claims that there has been a drop in the quality of plot and story lines, (as if they could become any worse). “There’s not a whole lot of story — it’s basically right to the sex, but we’re consistent with the quality”, says one industry insider.

Figures released recently show that the revenue from sales of pornographic videos, rentals and purchases dropped to US$3.62 billion in 2006, down from Us$4.28 billion in 2005.

 So people, get your act together, quit filming and showing your home movies online, and let the pros do the work. Your killing the fun for us all, fore-shame!.

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“Watch Out!” Iron Mike goes Bollywood, and he’s got a “Licence to Kill”.

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Former heavyweight boxing champion and ear eating extodanare Mike Tyson is to star in an action thriller which would see the U.S. boxer imitate real life, India’s Mumbai Mirror said.

The former heavyweight champion featured in a promotional music video of newly released Bollywood film “Fool and Final”, but the cameo received such a positive response from viewers that the director  even incorporated the number in the film.

“I had decided to make a film with him later but after the promos featuring him received a great response, I decided to start the film sooner,” said producer Firoz Nadiadwala, who produced “Fool and Final”.

The daily said Tyson is getting a “huge price” for the new film — which will feature three top actors and be directed by a renowned filmmaker — but did not give any figure.

Tyson will play the role of a boxer, in a film expected to have a mix of drama and song and dance you would expect of your usual Bollywood film. The movie will be titled “Licence to Kill”. How original.

    “Fool and Final” babes.

 See the Tyson Bollywood promo, in all its lispy glory….

And for the “Fool and Final” theatrical trailer…it looks pretty exciting.

 yummy ear…

People eat more when watching Letterman, Leno.

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Chin meet Daddy.

The more entertaining the program, the more youre likely to eat. That’s according to research presented in Canada by Dr Alan Hirsch from Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Dr Hirsch explored the impact of smell, taste and eating behaviours on people while watching TV by measuring potato chip consumption.

45 volunteers ate as many chips as they wanted during five-minute intervals over three-week periods while they watched monologues by late-night US talk show hosts David Letterman and Jay Leno.

Dr Hirsch found people ate an average of 44 per cent more chips while watching Letterman and 42 per cent more while viewing Leno, than when they did not watch TV. Clearly proving that David Letterman is more entertaining.

“If you can concentrate on how the food tastes you’ll eat less because you’ll feel full faster… so if that’s the case, let’s look at the opposite. What if you’re distracted? If you’re distracted, in theory, then you’d eat more,” Dr Hirsch said  

Many studies have linked obesity to watching television and that link is likely due to inactivity, Dr Hirsch said. But perhaps entertaining shows are also contributing.

“If you want to lose weight, turn off the television or watch something boring,” he said.

So switching off Jay and David for less entertaining programming might just be the new weight loss fad. You heard it here first.

   Mmmm, salty snacks.