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“Watch Out!” Iron Mike goes Bollywood, and he’s got a “Licence to Kill”.

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Former heavyweight boxing champion and ear eating extodanare Mike Tyson is to star in an action thriller which would see the U.S. boxer imitate real life, India’s Mumbai Mirror said.

The former heavyweight champion featured in a promotional music video of newly released Bollywood film “Fool and Final”, but the cameo received such a positive response from viewers that the director  even incorporated the number in the film.

“I had decided to make a film with him later but after the promos featuring him received a great response, I decided to start the film sooner,” said producer Firoz Nadiadwala, who produced “Fool and Final”.

The daily said Tyson is getting a “huge price” for the new film — which will feature three top actors and be directed by a renowned filmmaker — but did not give any figure.

Tyson will play the role of a boxer, in a film expected to have a mix of drama and song and dance you would expect of your usual Bollywood film. The movie will be titled “Licence to Kill”. How original.

    “Fool and Final” babes.

 See the Tyson Bollywood promo, in all its lispy glory….

And for the “Fool and Final” theatrical trailer…it looks pretty exciting.

 yummy ear…

No flying for overweight Indians.

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 In a move that is sure to add fuel to the fire about a larger debate on modern Indian society, a court has ruled against a group of overweight female flight attendants who argued that their grounding by national carrier Indian Airlines was an “insult to their womanhood”.

The Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of the airline, saying that with aircraft flying at higher altitudes, the safety of the passengers depended on the crew’s ability to perform.” No airline can afford to remain lax in any department whatsoever, be it the personality of the crew members of their physical fitness,” Justice Rekha Sharma said.

The Indian airline industry has grown rapidly in recent years and new airlines have begun hiring young slim air hostesses, often dressed in short skirts and high heels.

In contrast, Indian Airlines flight crews are dressed in the traditional sari and are allowed to fly until they are 58 years old. The group of air hostesses who had challenged the airline had argued that it was an attempt to replace them with younger crew.

Source: BBC