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Video: Sex & orgasms turns EU politics wild.

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Sex controversy has exploded at the European commision after a video designed to promote the European cinema industry drew criticism from the media.

The EU executive’s usually boring news conference sprung to life with questions over whether a 44-second clip of 18 couples achieving ecstasy in a mulitple positions and venues was the best way to show uses of taxpayers’ money.

“Let us for once also have a good sense of humor and let us not start the old wars of the fifties about what is sex, what is pornography and what is simply normal to watch on television,” spokesman Martin Selmayr appealed.

The raunchy clip is made up of snippets from various general release films that have been funded by the EU, including “Amelie” and “Good Bye Lenin!.”

Some reporters also took a swipe at the title of the sequence, asking whether “Let’s Come Together” was acceptable innuendo — and if it was, whether the pun worked in the 27-member Union’s other official languages.

See what all the fuss is about.

There really is something for everyone!

Dead man rides through the night.

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A Croatian man rode on a tram for nearly 6 hours before the driver discovered he had died. The 61-year-old man boarded the vehicle around midnight Friday night, and soon fell asleep.

The tram went on picking up and dropping off passengers throughout the night, a Croatian daily newspaper reported.

The driver, separated by a glass partition from the rest of the tram, tried to wake him up at the end of his shift and realized he was dead.

The police put the death down to natural causes but are still awaiting post-mortem results of the man identified as Tomislav K.