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Crazy Video: Raccoon steals carpet! As woman kills crazy raccoon that attacked a child.

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Oh YEAH! Its Friday…..You all know what that means…… Yes, it’s time for another instalment of…..

The Crazy News Crazy Video of the Week!

In this Friday’s crazy video, a devious raccoon decides that a 5-finger discount on a nice looking carpet door mat is in order. After slowly sneaking in through a doggy door, the raccoon slowly claws the carpet, and in the blink of an eye, is back off into the night.

Raccoons have an amazing ability to open many closed containers, despite having no opposable thumbs like us humans.


They also have a reputation for being clever and mischievous; in fact, their intelligence and dexterity equip them to survive in a wide range of environments and are one of the few medium-to-large-sized animals that have enlarged its range since human encroachment began.


Raccoon’s are now my new favourite animal! Little devils they are…


Well, well, well. Good things come in 2’s.

Less than a day after The Crazy News decided to feature a devilish raccoon as the Crazy Video of the Week, shocking news comes out of the US.

40-year-old Denise Morrison was taking a leisurely stroll thought some woods in Connecticut with a group of children, when a raccoon seemingly came out of nowhere and bit one of the children, a 5-year-old boy, on the leg.

“It went right for us, it wasn’t stumbling around,” Denise told local media.

Denise pulled the raccoon off the child, and told the kids to run for their lives and head for home. From then on it was just woman on raccoon. Going toe-to-toe in the woods alone.

She went into full action mode, and instead of using a stick or a foot to beat the rabid creature, Denise chose a more aggressive style, knelling on the raccoon with both legs and then strangled the animal to death.

You go girl!

“It felt like a long time… I knew if I hit it, it might attack someone else, or me,” She said.

Local authorities praised Morrison as a hero.

“She had the presence of mind to choke it…she is one tough lady,” a local animal control officer said.

“She wrestled a 25-pound raccoon and kept her cool.

“She let the kids run away. It was what any mother would do…she is amazing, a pioneer mom,” a local policeman said.

The carcass was taken to a state laboratory where, unfortunately, it tested positive for rabies.

Denise and the boy are undergoing rabies treatment.

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