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Update: Pizza with a side of porn, big hit with the ladies.

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 “Hungry for more than just pizza?”


Sex sells, it’s the old cliché, but its true.

Some smart entrepreneurial moves in western Canada sees every box of pizza coming with a free erotic picture “that would make Larry Flynt blush”.

Porno Pizza in Winnipeg has been doing brisk business since opening last week, titillating the hungry with racy pictures at the bottom of every pizza box.

“They range from softly-lit, lube-on-the-lens pictures like in Playboy, to raunchy, hardcore photos,” owner Corey Wildeman said.

“The image is revealed as you eat the pizza.”

The “ultra erotic” marketing gimmick has attracted “scowls” from some observers, “hooting and hollering” from others and at least one “drive-by flashing” of breasts, he said.

“We live in a society that is so steeped in porn that people have it delivered to the dinner table,” Roz Prober of child advocacy group Beyond Borders lamented in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Indeed, Mr Wildeman, 30, is already in talks with potential partners to open franchises across Canada after selling hundreds of pizzas in one week.

“You’ll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator,” he explained.

“Everyone knows – sex sells.”

Wildeman said he came up with the idea for the naughty pizzeria while talking with friends about classic porn flicks in which “pizza delivery guys meet lonely ladies and deliver more than just pizza”.

Unexpectedly, more than 75 per cent of his customers turned out to be women.

Pizza Porn, coming to a pizza box near you. Yum, yum!

Update: I’ve just discovered the web site of this fantastic concept!

Combos include: ‘Missionary Position’ (sounds boring), ‘Mr. Big’ (obviously named after me), and ‘Climax’, which includes every topping.

If your in Canada you have to try it and tell me all about it!

I would if I could!


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Video: Bush’s watch nabbed? Whitehouse says no, video says yes….then says no again…

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George W Bush received a hero’s welcome in Albania at the weekend, with hundreds of locals draped in the Stars and Stripes reaching out to hug him and shake his hand.

Mr Bush had taken his jacket off on a hot day and was in a short sleeved shirt, the watch clearly visible. It can still be seen as the heaving crowd presses round him – but the next moment it is no longer there.

Mr Bush was visiting Fushe Kruja, a small farming village some 30km from the capital Tirana whose businesses are financed by US grants. He had a cup of the cofffee in the local cafe and then in an impromptu move reached out to greet the crowd. He posed for photos and signed autographs while admirers shouting “Bushie, Bushie” mobbed him and even ruffled his hair.

“There were hands everywhere” said Corriere della Sera. “Most people just wanted to touch him and shake his hand. Someone however had another motive”. It said the incident “sounds like a joke – the one about the Albanian crowd and the Presidential wristwatch”.

Reports from Europe said that ‘Mr Bush only noticed his watch was missing when he got back to his armour-plated people-mover to be whisked back to Tirana airport’. By the time he stood on the aircraft steps to wave goodbye ‘someone on his staff had given him a replacement watch’. He is said to wear a $50 Timex with the Stars and Stripes on the dial.

Despite the apparent video evidence, it appears the Whitehouse is denying the watch nabbing, Tony Snow, Whitehouse press secretary says that “the president put it (the watch) in his pocket and it returned safely home.”

Ofcourse the most heavily protected man on the planet couldn’t possibly have his watch snatched in broad daylight, in front of all those highly trained secret service guys right?

Well, it sure wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard lies from the Whitehouse…

Unless this is all just some elaborate hoax, or did Bush take the watch off himself?

You be the judge, have a look at this video from Albanian TV going gangbusters on youtube at the moment.

It looks like it disappears around 3:12-3:09 second mark, what do you think? 

International theft? or a load of bullshit?

Yes, very interesting indeed folks.

Yeah I thought I would throw Miss Albania in there just for the hell of it…

New video update:

NBC news America has aired new video which seems to show President Bush taking off the watch himself.

Mystery solved??????????????????????????????????????????????

The Visit

Albania apparently spent millions on the Bush visit, even though he was in the tiny Balkan nation for about 8 hours. Giant posters of a smiling Bush draped main buildings, along with thousands of flags, they even named a street after him.

Albanian love for the U.S. stems from 1999, when then-President Bill Clinton pushed for intervention in Kosovo, the Serbian breakaway province with an ethnic Albanian majority.

The U.S. is now the strongest backer of a U.N. plan that could make the province independent this year. Grateful for the help, the Albanians pride themselves of being fervently pro-U.S., and have sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Give me ice cream, say Italian politicians.

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A group of Italian senators want ice cream in their cafeteria to “improve the quality of life” in the Senate, astonishing observers as Italy’s political class faces a growing backlash over its handsome pay and perks.

In a letter to the Senate building’s administrators, Italian senators Rocco Buttiglione and Albertina Soliani said serving “gelato” could be considered serving the needs of people’s daily life.

“The cafeteria is not supplied with ice cream,” said the letter, published by Italian newspapers on Friday. “We think it would be useful if it were and we are certain that it can be interpreted as the desire of many.”

This is not the first gastronomic request by Italy’s senators either, La Repubblica newspaper said.

They had previously asked for — and succeeded in getting — regional specialties on the menu such as meat of white buffalo, and also partook in a wine sommelier course in March.

Not all senators were not impressed with the latest request.

“At a time in which there is an emergency in public spending, requests of this type can only further deteriorate the image of government representatives,” Del Pennino said.

“I myself like gelato a lot, but I leave the Senate building and buy it in Piazza Navona.”