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Hot dog! Cracking the old Chestnut.

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A California man has smashed the world record for hot-dog eating, gobbling up more than 59 franks in 12 minutes. Joey Chestnut surpassed the record of 53 3/4 hot dogs — held for six years by Takeru Kobayashi of Japan.

The 22-year-old set the record Saturday in Arizona in a regional qualifier for Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, N.Y. Chestnut will now be able to face off against Kobayashi at the July 4 championship.”These guys’ numbers have just been going up at a tremendous clip,” said contest spokesman Ryan Nerz.

 “I always thought there was a limit — a limit to the human stomach and a limit to human willpower.

Chestnut admits he will have to strain his body to win at the New York title event. “I’m going to keep pushing my body and maybe I can beat him (Kobayashi),” Chestnut said


Chestnut ready to blow in a previous hot dog eating comp…”Bbbluu..”

Judging by the way Kobayashi slams down those dogs, the strain is going to have to be severe.