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World Exclusive: Controversial UK Boob Job Winner Talks to The Crazy News Blog.

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 The Crazy News Blog:


 huge_tits1.jpg  Not Nadine’s Boobs, yet anyway.

On August 15, The Crazy News Blog reported the controversy surrounding the awarding of a boob job to a young English woman via an FM radio contest.

The contest stirred up an angry response from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and made news in papers around the world.

“Many congratulations to Nadine Pude from Wirral, the proud and presumably very excited winner of a competition organised by Liverpool’s 107.6 Juice FM to give one of its listener’s plastic surgery. Despite the disapproval of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons”, read the Guardian Newspaper.

“BAAPS criticised Liverpool’s Juice FM for giving the winner, Nadine Pude, 27, the chance to increase her A-cup bosom to a double D.”, said The Australian Newspaper.

“The decision to perform any surgical procedure must be based on common sense, case selection, good surgical decision making and patient safety,” a BAAPS representative was quoted as saying.

As you read, it was won by 27-year-old Nadine Pude, and a few days after The Crazy News wrote the post, a woman by the name of Nadine claimed right here in the comments that it was she whom had won the prize. A quick search of her name at Google will result in a number of hits from this very web site.

Nadine said she was not happy that the Crazy News had characterised her as “ditzy”, but she kindly put that aside, and said that she would try and organise to “have a pic of before and will have one of after”.

And today (August 30), she says she is going under the knife, and even asked for our best wishes, mnaaa.

Good luck Nadine!

Well, if all goes well, and Nadine is the Nadine from Wirral that she claims she is, and not some hairy fat guy from say Alberta, Canada, the C/News will have some before and after photos. And Nadine will tell us how happy her fiancé, Paul is after the surgery.

Who knows, The Crazy News Guy and all his readers might even get an invite to the wedding….

You never know…

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  1. Awee I wish her the best. OOOOO She is a brave one. I feel about my boobs like men to their *you know*? OOHH and if we are invited. Let me know in advance. I need to buy a dress.

    Hugs Nadine!

  2. Oh my goodness. Tell me honestly… Do you REALLY find boobs that size attractive? Is she someone you want to take home to mommy or marry and have children with???? Is she?

    Or is this just a fantasy that men have, getting close and personal with HUGE, fake boobs?

    I think I know the answer.

    Have you ever seen, felt, handled a breast implant? What about a testicle implant? They do make them you know.

    We had some ‘samples’ one day. Pretty interesting. The testicle implants bounce pretty good. heheheh

  3. You could feed all the newborns of the Congo with those things.

  4. hi its nadine again and yes i have had them done and they are fab they are no where near as big as them in that pic they would snap my back in half as im only tiny got no after pics yet tho as they need to heal as soon as i get some ill let you know oh yes and i really am the girl i aint no fat hairy guy hahaha

  5. i know nadine and i wish her all the look in the world shes gunna look fab
    love ya lots huni xxx

  6. Let me fuck your titties hard and send me naked pic of you and your pussy

  7. bob just go back to your porn shit and leave people alone

  8. you need to get a life instead of looking this stuff up on google


  10. umm those are way bigger then DD arnt they
    i mean they look freaking humungus
    my friend is sitting next to me and she has DD and they are not that big
    those are the size of my head bigger !!

  11. I wanna fuck those tits and spunk all over her face… after Bob’s finished though, of course! 🙂

  12. Yes, what is in that pic is *much* bigger than DD. If someone had breasts like that, she would be getting a breast *reduction* (she would have massive upper back pain and would not be able to find any tops that fit her)(she would also not be that thin–it’s simply not physiologically possible). And I for one think it looks repulsive, freakish, horrific, fake, wrong, and did I mention repulsive? Yuck.

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