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That Sinking Feeling: How Forgetting the Keys Sunk the Titanic.

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The key to success is not forgetting them.

Down she goes!

Lost your keys?

Yes, we’ve all done it (“Have you checked your pockets?”). With the consequences usually being late for work, or whatever people miss out on when they are in a hurry and lose their keys.

But 95 years ago lost keys meant the lives of 1500 people.

David Blair was the original real life second officer of that ship that sunk in that movie we all went to see in 1997, called the Titanic. Lucky for David Blair, no known relation to the former Prime Minister, he was transferred off the fateful Titanic maiden voyage at the last minute.

When he left, he forgot to leave his key behind. Without it, his shipmates were unable to open the crow’s nest binoculars locker. And without access to those binoculars, you guessed it, the crew were unable to look very far ahead and spot the ice berg that eventually led to the ship’s fate. We know this because Fred Fleet, a surviving crew member told the official Titanic inquiry.

Even more luckily, I guess in some ironic way, was that our forgetful mate kept the tiny brass key as a memento, passing it down the family. On September 22 this year it will be auctioned in England, along with a postcard telling of his disappointment at not being on the maiden voyage.

“We think this key is one of the most important artefacts from the Titanic to have come to light,” auctioneer Alan Aldridge said. “It is the key that had the potential to save the Titanic.”

The key and postcard are expected to fetch up to £70,000 (US$140,000)

Not the actual crows nest locker key.

Amazing Special Effects re-creation of the sinking!

Click here to find out more about the Crew of The Titanic.

 Click here to find out more about the US Senate Titanic Inquiry and the related transcript including Fred Fleet’s testimony.
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  1. Do you have the key?
    I thought YOU had the key!
    I don’t have the key!
    Well, let’s not lose any sleep over it, I mean it’s not as if we are gonna hit an iceberg or something.

  2. oh wow!!!! so it wasn’t only the ice berg it was a typical angry fellow who got transfered and thought why should i give them the key!!!! lols life is ironic, am sure when he found out that it was his mistake he must have had a horrible life after that with all the guilt and thank god no one knew at that time or else it would have been very very scary what family members of the victims would have done to the poor fellow.

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