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Crazy: You’re Fired!, Another Youtube Fool, How Much in the Brief Case? & Not Just Wild Plants.

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Around the World, around the World…..

Around the World, around the World….

That slappin’ beat can only mean one thing……


It’s time again to go (insert lyric here) for….

The Crazy News: Crazy Quotes.


“Young men in particular seem to think they are invincible behind the wheel — but the facts tell a different story.”

Scottish police arrest a teenager after he posted a video of himself speeding at around 140 mph on youtube. I would try and find the video for you, but hey, I’m not getting paid to do this.


“I think they’ll be annoyed when they find out.”

Me too. A spokesman for Duesseldorf police details how a thief stole a 57-year-old Iranian businessman’s brief case containing 10,000 euros ($13,660) in cash, but failed to notice the mega bucks inside, throwing it away. Two words. You and idiot.


“Fired at the ceiling in rage”

That’s what a French factory manager in the Pearl River Delta did when he called a staff meeting, pulling out a pistol and shooting at the ceiling all crazy like. This was not the first time Pierre had drawn his pistol and fired. God know what will happen when he really fired someone. Maybe The Trump could use this method in his next TV role.


“We were counting them on the sonogram.”

A new mother from New York says she was expecting to give birth to a healthy 12 fingered baby boy but instead got a healthy 12 fingered and 12 toed baby boy.


“Apparently, somebody knew how to tell marijuana from other plants.”

Apparently in Japan, marijuana just grows. Abashiri Prison has seen as many as 300 marijuana plants sprout up on its exercise grounds in the past year. Prison officials believe the plants are wild; others are not so wild on the idea. You decide.


“If there are attacks against people, they have to be stopped.”

Florence, the great Renaissance city of art and history, is taking a hard line on ‘squeegee men’. With the local mayor issuing a decree to force the squeegee men- people who wash drivers’ windshields and demand payment – off the streets, imposing fines and detention of up to three months. But who will ever harass me at the lights now?

And that’s another action packed edition of The Crazy News and its famous Quick Quotes.

Around the World, around the…..

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  1. What a video. I have seen twice times and I think that I will replay again!!! lol

  2. I am so moving to Japan.

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