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Vladimir Putin, Gay Icon?

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Crazy Russian Times….


Why has this photo of tough guy, former KGB agent etc etc, Russian President Vladimir Putin caused such a stir?

It was taken while he was holidaying with Monaco’s Prince Albert (not the piercing) II in the Tuva region of Siberia, as a thanks for getting Russia to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. (Albert is a powerful member of the International Olympic Committee)

It’s a photo that has seen the nation go Putin half naked crazy!

Russia’s most read newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda ,posted a step-by-step guide to building a body like the President and Radio talk back speculated that the photo showed signals that he doesn’t plan to relinquish power.

But most hilariously, Russian gay chat rooms and blogs were buzzing about the official picture, comparing the tough guy Putin photo to gay cowboy spectacular Brokeback Mountain.

And offcourse not to forget the women of Russia, who were apparently “screaming with delight and showering (him) with compliments.” Via the Guardian.

So what can explain such a ruckus made by one simple Kremlin propagandist photo? Micheal Grove from the Times of London put it best, from what I can tell at least, with this post-modern/masculinist/whateverist analysis.

On one level Vlad is showing us all that he’s a remarkably fit man for his age (54) and that, unlike in the decadent West, Russia’s leaders remain the physical embodiment of their nation’s vigour – classical champions in the manner of those Roman emperors who would renew their mandate to rule on the battlefield or even in the gladiatorial ring. His bare-chested peacockery is, in that respect, in line with the broader cult of Putin as his nation’s silverback – the leader of the band.

Baring your torso on holiday, whether in Ayia Napa or on the deck of your yacht, means setting aside the expected norms of modesty and thus, in its way, involves you staking a claim to attention, and occupying more space than if you were clothed. It is an act of assertion, a waving of the coxcomb.

Offcourse, “waving of the coxcomb”. Ahh, yes, I couldn’t have put it any better myself really.

The photo who-ha comes at a very interesting time for our pals in Russia.

Let’s see what else they have been up to:

It has unvieled the world’s largest known Russian flag, covering 400 square metres, on the banks of the Moskva to celebrate “the authority of our country”. Ah, O-K.


She has planted a flag at the bottom of the ocean under the north pole, claiming the area for it’s extensive natural resources, for a future date (once all that nice ice has melt sometime mid-late this century), despite it likely breaking international law.

And the recommencement of Cold War era style long range tactical bomber missions, which has already spooked European nations.

Hold me, I’m scared!…

If your not Vladimired out enough yet, you can see a lovely slide show of Putin’s holiday in the sun here, from the International Herald Tribune.

For the record Putin didn’t catch a thing. Except maybe a weak southern Russian tan.

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  1. Russia is the best !!! Amarica is a junk yard !!! Moldova is a champion !!! U.K. is a loser !!!

  2. In Soviet Russia, the body builds you.

  3. Bahahahaha!
    Ahh where is that in Soviet Russia thing from?
    Family Guy?

  4. And Molova, get a grip. Honestly. This no blog for crazies.

  5. Russian military machine, back in business

    Russian Bombers Rehearse Nuclear Attacks Against the United States, (World Politics Review) Calling on Russian pilots to resume combat duty, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Aug. 17 that his country’s strategic nuclear bombers would resume t…

  6. nah man… he’s a gay icon, i even asked my brother… my gay brother… yeah. he rawks, Family Guy style as yoo say (ha)… i wish he’d pull his Camy-shorts up a lil’higher, ya know ???

  7. So, it is true. Old Vlad IS a gay icon…
    Those camy pants are clearly not far up enough. Maybe his good old pal George W can look him in the eye and ask for them to be pulled up higher!
    Hyuk yuk…

  8. to americans, but certainly not to russians.
    we dont like gays, go to america they accept them.

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