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Ladies Man: At 90, World’s Oldest New Dad Still Has It.

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 Believe it or not?

First it was Emirati Abdul Rahman whose aim it was to father 100 children by the time he was 68, but today it’s Indian Nanu Ram Jogi whose aim it is to be fathering at the age of 100.

oldfatheres_468x355.jpg Oh, yeah..He’s still got it. Nanu and the new addition, baby Girija Rajkumari.

Yes, 90-year-old Nanu is apparently the worlds oldest living new father and his fourth wife just gave birth to what he thinks is his 9th daughter. He also has 12 sons and 20 grandchildren.

And old Nanu, a farmer from remote Rajasthan, is not exactly modest with his years of luck with the ladies.

“Women love me,” Mr Jogi yelps. “I want to have more children. I can survive another few decades and want to have children till I am 100 – then maybe I will stop.”

You pimp daddy Nanu!

Oh, what a life!

Nanu claims to have had his first child way back in 1943. His latest wife 50-year-old Saguri, who has given him seven children, was first married to his eldest son Shiv Lal but he died 10 years ago. Go figure.

“At first I didn’t want to stay here after my husband died. But Nanu promised to look after me and now we have seven children,” Saguri said.

Must be quite a smooth talker, yeah, yeah…

“I have a perfect life – with so many children and grandchildren all around me, it keeps me young.”

The ladies man attributed his long and happy life to long walks, and a good diet of meat of all kinds and a daily dose of camel milk.

“I eat all kinds of meat – rabbits, lamb, chicken and wild animals.”

None of that processed stuff…

But, can we trust the wife?

Well just before we crack open the champagne and light those cigars, some authorities in India are suggesting a paternity test to confirm the news.

“It is rare for someone to have a child at 90. If it is true, it is a matter for detailed study. We should conduct a medical test to determine the paternity,” said a local medical practitioner.

I believe you Nanu! Who would ever doubt your extremely old, yet obviously healthy sperm?

Mover and shaker….

Check out a video of the proud father from OneIndia News here.

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Barbie Takes ‘Porno Barbie’ to Court.

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 mattel_logo.jpg             v           abc.jpg

When a children’s toy company takes a porn star to court, you know it’s going to be quite a story.

With the recall of it’s China made toys fresh in the mind, the world’s largest toy company Mattel, is on the front foot with another kind of China.

The company is suing adult entertainer China Barbie for using ‘a domain name containing the word “barbie” in a “bad faith attempt to profit from Mattel’s Barbie trademarks” and had damaged Mattel’s good name’, according to media reports.


As you probably know Barbie is the worlds best selling fashion doll, since 1959 with about US $1.6 billion in sales each year. A personal favourite of mine….

Apparently China Barbie is the porn alias of Terri Gibson, who owns and runs her own adult web site under the company name Global China Networks, where users can access exclusive content for US$19.95 (€14.77). Sounds like a good deal to me.

Before getting into porn Gibson supposedly worked at some of the world’s leading investment banking firms and advertising agencies in New York, but the lucrative world of porn was just too seductive for 29 year old Terri.

Along with appearing in her own web site, Terri who’s father is Jamaican and mother Chinese, has also appeared in a number of hardcore adult films since 2001, according to, including Asian Divas 3, Me Luv U Long Time and Oral Sensations 7.

Mattel is angry at their good name being spoilt, demanding it get it’s hands on the domain name, damages of $100,000 (€74,030) and to order that any profits Global China Networks achieved be given to Mattel.

Our friends at Mattel are no stranger to court action. Cases include:

Memorably in 1997 against the Danish pop group Aqua for their song parody, Barbie Girl, it lost that case.

Mattel successfully sued an artist from Utah in 1999 for profiting from artistic photographs called Food Chain Barbie involving Barbie dolls in a blender. (Click to see the pictures)

An injunction against a British woman who produced a Barbie doll dressed in bondage clothing, that one was dismissed by the Judge, “to the court’s knowledge, there is no Mattel line of S&M Barbie.”


The only question now remains, who does mattel have their sights on now?


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