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Villagers in Serbia Look to Rocky Balboa for “more positive image”

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  Sly me…

Coz every good blog needs a montage…..Oh it takes a montage (montage)….

As luck would have it….

A small village in the eastern European nation of Serbia, with a reputation for being disaster prone, has erected a statue of the fictional character, Rocky Balboa, made famous by growth hormone loving Sylvester Stallone.

The small town about 60 kilometres (35 miles) north of the capital Belgrade, decided to create the bronze statue in the village centre after a resident suggested the idea after he saw Rocky Six.

“I felt as if Rocky has come from our village, he had to fight to win his place in society,” an excited Bojan Marceta said after seeing the movie.

r169644_635428.jpg “Ya know they always say if you live in one place long enough, you are that place.”

Since experiencing serious flooding over the last few years, many locals have left the village in Vojvodina province in search of a better life.

“For years, only negative reports on farm diseases, monstrous murders, floods and landslides, have been coming from our village,” Bojan said.

But Bojan said it was time for some change in luck for his little town, and the hopes were that the new statue would help make the future brighter. Local officials agreed.

“This is the chance to give a better, more positive image to Zitiste.”

“Our idea has really stirred the public,” said local politician Zoran Kasalovic. “Now, no one in Serbia can say they don’t know about Zitiste.”


I’m so inspired (“somehow”) right now! I’m off to jog up some steps while punching the air with my fists. If you know what I mean.

Always fade out in a montage,
If you fade out, it seems like more time
Has passed in a montage,

I pity the fool.

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  1. These poor people haven’t seen Rocky Balboa yet have they?

  2. Who would want to….

  3. lindsay (best friend) thinks your hott =]]

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