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Man Tricks family into Thinking He Won the Lottery.

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 a.jpg Not so fast mate…

A 46-year-old man told his family and the local media that he had won the £35.4 million jackpot in the Euro-Millions,  despite the fact that he never won a dime.

Fergus Frater was so convincing he promised his son and daughter a large share in the winnings, prompting the son to quit his job, blow a huge slice of his savings on drinks and expensive meals and planned with his girlfriend a new life in Australia.

“One minute I was a multi-millionaire, the next I was back to having nothing. I was going to buy a Bentley and emigrate with my family to start a new life.

“I could kill him. But he’s gone to ground and I’ve no idea where he is,” the man’s enraged son, 25-year-old Jordan told British media.

After spending much of last weekend celebrating with freinds, who even bought him drinks, Frater disappeared from his one-bedroom flat and hasn’t been seen since.

Frater even posed for pictures with a Euro Millions ticket for a local newspaper.

But obviously nobody thought to have a look at the ticket, because it was only realized that the “win” wasn’t a win after all when the real winner of the draw came foward, a 40-year-old postal worker from Scotland, Angela Kelly.

The winning ticket was Britain’s biggest-ever lottery win.

10jackapo.jpg  The real winner.

  1. how sad is this really true, this guy should be kept in jail if this all is true!!!

  2. well i think the family must have done something stupid, which might have made him retaliate and do something so hilarious and fun. Its a cool way of taking revenge.
    The guy didn’t commit any crime to be put in jail.

  3. yes he did, he ruined his sons career and he should have been much more reasonable … he is the father well anyways i think this weird looking guy kashif thinks he is soo funny so way to go am laughing coz you think your funny am sure no one else would laugh so here you go am doing you a favor LOLS

  4. and for any further responses GET A LIFE

  5. ok fine peace .. your cute comments are funny just messing with ya

  6. GET a LIFE girl this is not msn 😛

  7. Well I always say you play games with people they get played back on you. I can’t imagine ever doing something like that to hurt my family. UGH!

  8. That’s nothing; I’ve fooled my wife into believing my penis is huge.

  9. Bahahahha!
    Obviously forgot to check for herself…

  10. WOW I am impressed with that one haha.. Funny!!! hope she is much happier now..

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