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Can’t name that song? Hum it into the computer with new technology.

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Can’t name that song?

Don’t know anything about the artist?

You’re so pathetic, you don’t even know the words to the song, yet you still want to track it down so you can purchase it?

Never fear.

An Australian inventor has been working on the problem for a good decade.

The computer science expert from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  has developed the technology that will enable you to hum a melody into a microphone attached to you’re computer, and the software program will instantly track down you’re song.

“The singing is stored in the computer as a wave form and then must be converted into note information before it can be matched against the music,” Inventor Dr Sandra Uitdenbogerd said.

“The converted fragment of recorded singing is compared with the note information extracted from the audio files in the online music collection that’s being searched.”


Did you get all that?

I know I didn’t.

But what about the easy task of typing in the words to a song, and hunting down you’re favoured track that way?

Well the Dr Uitdenbogerd admits that is an easy option, but for all those idiots out there who don’t know jack about what words their song has in it; the new technology will do wonders.

“Obviously, there are songs that people will know the lyrics to and Googling the words will generate fast and accurate results,” Dr Uitdenbogerd said.

“However there are categories of music that cannot be searched using text as a method of retrieval.”

Currently, the technology can only search for simple MIDI files, but Dr Uitdenbogerd said MP3 compatible software would be her next goal.

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  1. Something”s wrong with my computer; Britney Spears looks hot.

  2. Yeah, I was going to go with the whole Britney head shave or getting out of the limo with no panties photo…
    But I didn’t want you to throw up your breakfast.
    How kind of me.

  3. haha you guys are causing me to LOL!

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you guys are hilarious !!!!

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