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You can’t run, but you can hide (up high), from Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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il01a3_b.jpg Doggy-Dog Dog…

Legendary, some would say a little crazy, celebrity bounty hunter Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman, is out with a new book on his eventful life. After accusations that he’s a womanizing racist and a hypocritical, “crack head,” the Dog says he wants to set the record strait.

Dog has a well defined macho, cavalier, rough and tumble, tough guy image. Yet, he also paints himself as a good family man, and says he is a ‘devout Christian, who sees his job as a way to help people find the right path’. He will stop at nothing to chase down the ‘bad guys’, and get ’em off the streets.

But other’s, including some members of his extended family, say his not the guy he makes out to be.

“Everyone is jumping on the ‘hate Dog’ bandwagon. They’re all lying. I’ve made a lot of enemies in my life, and I’m sorry I’ve done that. I guess if one person comes after you, they all come after you,” he angrily told the National Ledger.

The former convict also has a weak spot, and if he ever happens to be on your tale, you might want to find somewhere high up for safety.

image7acc2635-8d98-42b2-b26a-1fccb3a4e2f3.jpg Dog and boob’s, AKA his wife Beth.

Dog has a hardcore fear of heights.

When doing interviews for his book in New York City this week, he refused to head out to the roof of a 61-story building for a photo shoot.

So there it is, if ever being perused by bad ass Dog the Bounty Hunter, seek higher ground. Too easy.

In his biography, Chapman talks about his troubled childhood, joining a motorcycle gang, “run-ins” with the law, his five wives (juts like Mit Romney’s relatives), 12 children, and his devotion to God.

Once, after hunting crims in Mexico, he himself was arrested, as bounty hunting there is illegal (as it probably should be in all sane places).

He had gone there to capture Andrew Luster, a heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune who was wanted for rape in the US, not realizing what he was doing was an illegal act. Or did he?

doginjail.jpg Tough guy behind bars.

He was taken into custody in September 2006 by US authorities, but luckily for him, the charges were dropped.

“I’m going to keep bounty hunting in the U.S., but not in Mexico,” he tells media.

He also said that a book on his life would help clear up misconceptions about his personality.

“I come across sometimes as not the average bloke so this will help people understand me.”

Bloke? Is not that word of the Aussie variety… Trying to sound fair dinkum, ey. (Note: Don’t say the phrase fair dinkum on any US domestic flights, you may be arrested and questioned, for meaning on that word, click here).

The Dog the Bounty Hunter reality TV series is shown in more than 100 counties.

Click to see an excerpt from the book.

Watch an outtake from another wacky episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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  1. I can’t believe anybody would be afraid of this fruit. With the hair braids, arm jewelry and tight pants, he is a few dance steps away from being the next leader of the Village People.

    His wife’s teets on the other hand….

    Jesus, they are so big they could have their own zip code. Instead of threatening to pepper spray someone they should threaten to let her crown someone with one of those ginormous cans if they misbehave.

  2. Hhahah!

    He sure looks like the missing member of the Village People. Crazy man…

    And yeah, those boobs, they are ridiculously massive…

    I saw on Larry King they were stretching over the desk like the Sydney harbour bridge, Poor Larry was almost getting smacked around the head with them.

  3. They are all crazy I say! “…Yeah whhateva”

  4. Yes, Beth’s boobs are huge.
    I like the way South Park showed her, when they did their spoof.
    She was nothing but lips, boobs, and shoes.

  5. Ahh South Park… Where would we be without it?…Where would we be…

  6. I am having such a wonderful time reading your blogs..

  7. Glad to know you are!
    Thanks for reading…;)

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