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Funeral Procession Pileup? Superman? 4Real? Crazy happenings in New Zealand..

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 First it was the 7-legged-lamb, and the crazy stories out of New Zealand keep on coming…


It’s the land of the long white cloud, a destination for thrill seekers, a country with a do nothing bird as it’s national symbol, and a land famous for its natural beauty featured in the Lord of The Rings blockbuster movie trilogy. But for all its pluses, well, there sure are a lot of crazy people in New Zealand.

At first, I really did think it was the negative bias I hold towards Kiwis. Given the natural rivalry between my homeland (Australia) and our English speaking neighbour to the south east.

But then, there it is the evidence….


Pat and Sheena Wheaton are the proud parents of a healthy baby boy, who they named……

” 4Real ”

Yes that’s right they named their baby boy 4Real.

Yes, I am for real!

However, when they went to register the name with the New Zealand government authorities, they were denied the ability to use the name because it included a digit.

So instead of taking the decision on the chin, getting on with life, and giving their boy a normal name like Michael or Chris or Apple, not Apple, they decided on a name just as ridiculous.


Yes, I am being for real.

They want to call their boy Superman, as in look up in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s…

And this time, they will be allowed to have the name. Because it doesn’t include a digit.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense: I can call him Superman but I can’t call him 4Real,” Pat Wheaton told New Zealand media.

But despite the ineligibility of 4Real, the babies’ family will continue to refer to him as 4Real, and let Superman Wheaton be the name displayed on his birth certificate, drivers licence, school bag, etc.

“If we have to register him for the Government or the system or whatever, then we’ll register him as Superman . . . to friends and family he’ll stay 4Real.”

Pat even said that the controversy surrounding his choice of name, which got heavy coverage here on the www, was hard to take.

“I did go online and Google some of the stories and as tough as I am, it does get to you, but there’s no point getting upset.

“It could be a 10-year-old school girl making those comments.”

Well, Mr Weaton I hope your reading, (AND NO I’m not a 10-year-old school girl, although I probably could be.)

Because I would just like to say to you, that…… you’re a dickhead!

In fact, you’re such a dickhead, I’m even awarding you and you’re wife the most stupendous of all awards…

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Weaton…

You’ve earned yourselves

The Crazy News: Tool of the Week.


Well deserved…

If you would like to see the Weatons and 4Real in video form click here. It’s the 3rd video story down.

Be warned, heavy Kiwi accents involved.

If Superman and 4Real don’t do it for you, here are some more ridiculous baby names, courtesy London’s Daily Telegraph.

1. Kal-el Coppola (Son of actor Nicolas Cage)

2. Audio Science (Son of actress Shannyn Sossaman)

3. Bluebell Madonna (Daughter of Singer Geri Halliwell)

4. Daisy Boo (Daughter of chef Jamie Oliver)

5. Pilot Inspektor (Son of actress Beth Riesgraf and actor Jason Lee)

6. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Daughter of television presenter Paula Yates and Singer Michael Hutchence)

7. Dixie Dot (Daughter of television presenter Anna Ryder Richardson)

8. God’Iss Love Stone (Daughter of Singer Lil’Mo)

9. Jermajesty (Son of Singer Jermaine Jackson)

10. Apple (Daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin)


Funeral turns into car disaster!

Next up in our Crazy News double of Crazy happenings in the nation of New Zealand…..

This time its the Kiwi police force, and we go to the town of Te Anau.

An internal investigation is being launched by police authorities there, after a female officer decided she would pull over a funeral hearse as it lead 80-100 cars, creating chaos.

It all started when the officer parked her police vehicle on the other side of the road and gestured to the funeral director, who was driving the hearse, to pull over. So he did.

But instead of serving and protecting the community, the policeman’s actions caused a car pileup!

“Here we are taking dad to the cemetery and we are all pulled over and there are accidents behind us. It was just like dominoes. People go to a funeral to send off a good mate and a good father and this bloody happens,” said the son of the dead man.


The pileup involved multiple cars, and the policewoman even had to take a number of the mourners back into town.

What is going on New Zealand? What is going on….

And what’s all this stuff about this strange thing called the Haka? 

Scary stuff, that is!

  1. Two kids on my son’s baseball team are named…

    Wait for it…..

    Blaze and Storm.

    I shit you not. Horse names. Nice kids, but with names like those, they are just Miami South Beach Drag Queen Heroin addicts waiting to happen.

  2. Bahahah, oh those poor kids.
    Some parents are sick!

  3. My Hubby and I went to New zealand on our Honeymoon, It was “FANTASTIC” full of very happy fun loving people who just so happen to love doing crazy things, just like we do, that’s why we went there in the first place.
    So keep up the CRAZY things folks, “WE LOVE IT”, just like millions of others, that’s why so many people visit New Zealand every year.
    We will go back there one day, soon.
    I feel sorry for that poor child though having to go through life with a name like that, his parents have not thought about the stick that he’s going to have for the rest of his life, “POOR THING”

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