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The meaning of sex: It’s lust stupid! Or is it?

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You’re all crazy!

Ask yourself this highly philosophical question…

Why do we have sex?

Is it for the procreation of the species? Is it because everyone else is doing it?

Or is it because ‘it feels goooood?

Well someone has taken the time to get to the bottom of this; researchers from the University of Texas and elsewhere in the US have had sex on the brain for quite some time now.

Teams of Psychologists have come up with some new studies on sexual behaviour, finding that the ‘hormone pumping’ young get their freak on for all the same reasons… “I was attracted to the person, ” But when it came to the older demorgaphics they do it “for all sorts of reasons”.

In a compilation from 237 reasons for sex, answers ranged from “The person smelled nice” to “I wanted to burn calories”, “I wanted to get out of doing something, and “‘I wanted to give someone else an STD”.

How can a woman get a man to take off his clothes? Ask him.

In all the list compiled from questions asked of hundreds of people, which was then given to college aged students, and that study concluded that ’20 of the top 25 reasons given for having sex were the same for men and women.’

Wacky reasons young people had sex included, “someone offered me money to do it,” “I felt sorry for the person,” “I wanted to punish myself” and, “Because of a bet.”

The findings can be found in the August issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, published by the International Academy of Sex Research.

More interesting reading on this crazy topic from the New York Times.

And won’t someone feel sorry for me….?

Other hilarious reasons for having sex include;

13. I wanted to improve my sexual skills. 34. I was curious about my sexual abilities.  41. The person was a good dancer. . 65. I wanted to relieve ‘‘blue balls.’’ 90. I wanted to gain access to that person’s friend. 110. The person had too much to drink and I was able to take advantage of them. 119. The person was famous and I wanted to be able to say I had sex with him/her. 181. I felt like it was my duty. 7. I was ‘‘horny.’’

See the full ‘periodic table of why we have sex’ list HERE!

Or you can read the entire 31 page journal report HERE!

Or just talk about the list, here. Like right here. 


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  1. I have one question, well actually two questions.

    1) How much did these folks get paid to conduct this survey?

    2) Where can I sign up to conduct the next study. I would love to rake in a few millions for asking questions like this and recording the responses. Wouldn’t you??? ha

  2. I would say that if you want to do a survey on people’s sexual behaviour, AND MAKE MILLIONS! firstly
    You would need to get some crazy degree from some expensive university somewhere in say Europe.

    Only then would you be able to start asking silly questions and providing scientific analysis on the topic so people like you and I can spend our time musing over the reasons we ‘do something’. When the fact of the matters is, that it’s pretty obvious why people have sex.

    Because we just do, that’s why!

  3. Having said that, I’de rather spend my time trying to make millions marketing that uber cool Gpod product….
    That’ll hit the spot 😉

  4. My reason is boring. #7. 🙂 #7 ALL the time. 7! SEVEN!!! NUMBER SEVEN!!!!!!!

  5. Good old number 7!
    I really would have thought uno 7 would have been number 1, it would if people were more honest…honest.

  6. Well Howdy, very nice blog, well written posts, very interesting topics…sex ?? Whats that again?? 🙂

  7. Sex?, never heard of it.
    Thanks for coming over for a look.
    You rock!

  8. You’d have to ask my hand, but I would say it’s because I’m tired and I really need the sleep.

  9. Bahahahhaha!
    Funniest guy on The Crazy News.
    I gotta hand it to you….

  10. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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