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Crazy: Horney Hedgehogs, Kangaroo Shoes, Siesta Laws & Deep Fried Mouse

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Around the World on Wednesday with;

The Crazy News: Quick Quotes!


“Good thing I seen it. I got it all the way up to my mouth, I felt the fur, I brought it back down and just looked at it and threw it behind my back.”

Jack Hines, a 66-year-old former laborer from rural Montana, USA on his finding of a deep-fried mouse in his bag of barbecue potato chips.


“Do you agree that the Parliament of the Republic of Hungary should make a law about introducing the siesta?”

That’s the question 8 million Hungarians will be faced with if a referendum on whether or not there should be a national siesta law.  Vote should take place in 2008 if 200,000 signatures are collected.


“Although adidas makes some shoes using kangaroo leather, a common practice in our industry, adidas does not make shoes from any endangered or threatened kangaroo species.”

Spokesperson for sports product Adidas responds after a California’s Supreme Court rules that the company could not sell shoes made from kangaroo leather in the US State.


“The pair were loudly engaged in ensuring the continuity of their species”

A German Police officer discusses the discovery of two horney hedgehogs making a disturbing amount of noise in the front garden of a house.

  1. Mmmmmm. Deep Fried Mouse.

  2. Yeah deep fried mouse is good I hear.
    Tastes like shit.

  3. Deep Fried Mouse

    I think I have the name for my new band!

  4. Not bad, not bad at all.
    Hope it doesnt sound like it tastes.

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