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Ouch: The Tasmanian pool cue prank, don’t try this at home.

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Oh yes, the joys of alcohol consumption.

On the Australian mainland, jokes about our Tasmanian cousins are regularly the ‘butt’ of many jokes, but this story is just plain ridiculous.

A man from Tasmania, Australia has been given a 6 month jail sentence after he rammed a pool cue up his freinds rectum with such force it snapped off, leaving 31 centemters stuck inside his bowel.

A local court was told that 21 year old  Matthew Triffett had drunk alcohol at various locations around the Tasmanian capital Hobart, to celebrate the birthday of one of two friends with him at the time.

The Judge in the case said the trio ended up at the Village Green Tavern, east of Hobart, where the complainant crashed to the floor with his buttocks exposed while his friend ran around the pub in the nude.

He said Triffett had used considerable force to thrust the cue into the man’s anus, including lateral force, because it snapped in two.

“What he (Triffett) did excites disgust and horror,” Justice Crawford said.

He said Triffett thought it was a big joke until the full extent of what he had done was revealed.

In crippling pain, the complainant went home and removed the cue from his rectum.

Unable to tolerate the agony any longer, he went to Royal Hobart Hospital three days later and underwent immediate surgery for a perforated colon.

His body waste had been emptying into his body cavity, which could have killed him, Justice Crawford said.

The injured man was discharged from hospital three weeks later but he had to return later for further surgery to have a colostomy bag removed.

The pain!

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