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Man’s call to 911 emergency: ‘Help, I’m surrounded by police!’

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Du’h, yeah boss!

Could this guy be the dumbest man in the world?

He was surrounded by police with guns drawn in the town of Largo, Florida in the US.

Instead of putting his hands on his head and coming out quietly, like everyone else does, he decided a call to emergency hotline 911 was in order.

Media Reports:

A 38-year-old man was arrested after he called 911 and told a dispatcher he was surrounded by police officers and needed help, authorities said.

Police officers met Dana Farrell Shelton after being called to investigate a disturbance at a bar on Sunday but had found no problems and told him to move along.

Shelton, who officers said appeared intoxicated, then called 911 to report he was “surrounded by Largo police,” according to an arrest affidavit.

  1. What a dumbass

  2. Yeah.. but… did they send any more cops out to rescue him?? 😀

  3. funny situation….:D

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