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Crazy Video: Best Prank Ever?

In Crazy News Crazy Video of the Week, Uncategorized on July 20, 2007 at 3:32 pm

I’ve decided to start a new weekly blog segment.

Since it’s Friday, the traditional end of the working week, I thought it would just be great to cap off the week with…

The Crazy News Crazy Video of the Week

So for our maiden segment, I spent about 15 minutes looking at random youtube videos and have narrowed one down as this weeks, Crazy News Crazy Video of the Week.

It looks to me like a crazy prank by a couple of college students on a dorm buddy who has passed out, by what is presumed to be a heavy night of drinking.

Quite hilarious indeed.

The best part is when he wakes up in the middle of the lake!

Enjoy your weekend!

  1. With those friends I ask What do you need enemies for?

  2. Right on sister!
    It sure was one mean and halarious prank.
    Those crazy college kids, what are we going to do with ’em.

  3. Hummmm!!!! Tell me think… If I were that dude… It’s so terrible the vengance I can’t tell it … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  4. Hahahaha! your evil emma, and I like it!

  5. Have you seen yet?? All about the pranks a bunch of guys do to some poor wank named Ernie. People give them prank ideas, they vote on it, then do it. Now THERE’S some hysterical stuff. 😀

  6. All rite! to prankvote I go.

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