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What The? Porsche thief fails first attempt, heads back to station for another go.

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It seemed like the perfect car crime.

A smartly dressed man in an expensive looking suit strolls into a classy car dealership in Penang, Malaysia

He’s acting pretty cool, a little too cool. He could almost be Nicolas Cage Gone in 60 Seconds cool, almost.

In fact, by the sounds of it this guy actually thought he was Nicolas Cage in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. Randall ‘Memphis’ Raines was the character.

He’s soon met on the showroom floor by an unsuspecting saleswoman and soon he has got his eye on a brand new, shiny black Porsche.

Malaysian Newspaper The Star reports:

Flashing a cheque book, a smartly-dressed man coolly asked for the keys to a sports car at a showroom here yesterday. 

He got into the RM963,000 Porsche 911 Targa 4, started the engine, and to the horror of the salespersons there, crashed the car through the showroom’s glass pane and drove off at top speed. 

But he had not factored in one thing – fuel. The car ran out of petrol just 2km away and police found the car within 30 minutes at Hujung Perusahaan Dua in Prai.  

A salesgirl, who declined to be named, said the man, who wore a suit, came into the showroom at about 1.50pm, holding a cheque book as he viewed the car.  

“He then asked for the keys to start the engine. Before I knew it, he drove the car through the glass pane and sped off,” she said.  

Wow! Almost had it buddy. $280,000 US dollars worth of machine could have been all yours.

But, wait a minute!

The story doesn’t just end there folks.

According to The New Straits Times our car thief was so dam cool, he decided to try again.

When local police found the car ditched, they took it back to the local district headquarters for safe keeping.

But what a shock it would be when it was discovered that the thief had kept the keys, organised himself a canister of petrol, somehow snuck into the police headquarters, and managed to start her up.

He even got the car to the edge of the HQ perimeter, only being spotted as he pulled out onto the roadway.

However, the thief was not second time lucky.

Roadblocks were somehow hastily set up and police believe the thief had himself a case of cold feet.

The 911Targa 4 was quickly recovered and put under lock and key, this time with sufficient security.

Investigators have managed to get their hands on a photo of the tenacious thief, who is still at large.


Crazy Quote:
“Having sex or boosting cars?… Um, oo! Uh. How about having sex WHILE boosting cars?”

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  1. Stupid.. but ballsy! 🙂

  2. What I meant to say before was.. REALLY stupid.. and REALLY ballsy. 😀

  3. Soo ballsy!
    The guy snuck into the police headquaters to steal the car, a regular James Bond.

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