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Family throws out grandmother with the garbage.

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As in most cultures, families in India are very important part of life.

So when I found this article, I thought it was a rather bizarre moment in family disunity.

A family squabble over who should look after an ill relative has left a grandmother dumped in a rotting heap of garbage, The Hindustan Times of India reports:

A local couple, Periaswamy and Mohanasundari, found the semi-paralyzed Chinnammal Palaniappan. She told them she had been living with the family of the youngest of her three daughters, who would quarrel incessantly over who should take care of their infirm mother.

On Saturday night, Sarasa, the daughter, allegedly told her two sons to take their grandmother to a spot from where she could never return. The boys bundled Chinnammal into an autorickshaw and threw her on the dump.

Crazy Solution:

Perhaps someone could invent some sort of Futurama style old people facility.

Just a thought….

  1. It’s a shame there is no program available to recycle your grandparents.

  2. Sounds like Sarasa’s sons aren’t good at following instructions. When she said somewhere that ol’ grams couldn’t return from, maybe she should have specified the bottom of the lake…

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